Press Statement: Carmen Gomez Goldberg, Republican for Westchester County Legislator – 17th District.

Posted on: September 28, 2011

Yonkers 3rd Police Precinct:

Westchester County Legislative Candidate Carmen Gomez Goldberg of District 17, Yonkers New York, participated in a ride along on Tuesday September 28th with members of the Yonkers Police Department 3rd Precinct.

The four hour ride along saw our police officers responding to a wide variety of calls. These included a call that involved menacing with a knife and responding to a senior citizen wellness check that required the dispatch of an ESU truck which took over thirty minutes to respond to the call. It should be noted that due to budget cuts, the City of Yonkers has two less ESU trucks and the total number of police officers on the streets has shrunk by 134 members.

The ride along program is invaluable for a legislative candidate like me. It gave me a real glimpse of what our police officers deal with on a moment to moment basis. They are dedicated, devoted to duty and care about this community. They have relationships with the people in this community.

Whether I am elected or not, I promise that I will work diligently to make sure that our elected officials understand that our community and our Police Department need us to work for them. I will work hard for our cops to have the best training and equipment they need to do their job safely. Of this you can be sure.”

Carmen Gómez Goldberg, Candidate, Westchester County Legislator, District 17 Yonkers.


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