Press Release: Liam McLaughlin for New York State Senate – 35th District.

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Republican Liam McLaughlin KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN TO CHALLENGE Senator Stewart-Cousins IN THE 35th DISTRICT.

New York State Budget Over 60 Days Late; Municipalities in the District are in Financial Jeopardy.

[YONKERS, NY, June 8, 2010] – After serving on the Yonkers City Council for over ten years, GOP challenger Liam McLaughlin lashed out at the leaders in Albany for failing to serve the taxpayers they represent.

Mr. McLaughlin, 42, stated at his official campaign kick-off event on Monday that the more than two-months late State Budget is a clear example that Albany is completely dysfunctional. “Their irresponsibility is affecting the lives of millions of New York State residents,” he stated.

“This late State budget debacle is merely the most visible symptom of a bigger disease, a failed Liberal ideology that has left the State of New York in ruins. An ideology of big government and high taxes that Senator Stewart-Cousins embraces and quite frankly, is one of its major proponents,” Mr. McLaughlin commented afterwards.

The ripple effect caused by the delay on the State Budget has affected municipalities across the 35th District. The City of Yonkers is the most affected. The lack of a State Budget will cause major layoffs in the educational system, Police and Fire departments, and other municipal workers who provide vital services to the community. Our local families and children are being put in harm’s way.

“Albany needs new leadership,” he said to a crowd of supporters during the event. “Senator Stewart-Cousins and her fellow Democrats are the reason why we have no State Budget, and why we’re in this fiscal mess. We must remove these failed politicians, and elect people who understand that high taxes and big government are the problem, not the solution.”

“Everywhere you look, you find anger and discontent among voters. Democrats are now trying to hide from their record by pretending to be fiscal reformers because voters know they failed,” he noted later during an interview. “The truth is, they’re wolves pretending to be sheep, in an attempt to hide their excessive spending and corruption.”

Mr. McLaughlin, who officially launched his campaign yesterday at the Sprain Golf Club in Yonkers, emphasized that Albany needs to go in a smarter direction by eliminating wasteful State spending and lifting the excessive tax burden off our citizen’s shoulders. He stated that he’s ready to be a new voice for taxpayers in Albany, and pledged to work to restore the Star Property Tax Relief that was cut by Senator Stewart-Cousins and spur economic development to create more jobs for New Yorkers. “We need a common-sense tax reform, and we need it now,” Mr. McLaughlin stated.

Mr. McLaughlin, Senior Associate at Bashian & Farber, LLP, and former Majority Leader at the Yonkers City Council earned a Juris Doctor from the New York Law School and a B.S. in Accounting from Fordham University. He’s been actively involved in the local community serving as member of the Westchester Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, and Assistant Coach at the Dunwoodie Youth Association. He currently lives in Yonkers with his wife Debbie, and son, Ryan Patrick. For more information, visit http://www.mclaughlinforsenate.com.

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