Dear Friend,
The relaunch of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is quickly approaching! The event kick-off is this Sunday, August 2nd, at 2 p.m. at Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway. I wanted the focus of this week’s edition of my newsletter to be on this important event. I hope you will join us along with Pat Quinn, co-founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to help raise awareness at what is guaranteed to be a fun afternoon.
The event will take place at the raceway’s infield where participants will be provided a bucket by Home Depot to be filled with ice and water. The afternoon also will feature music and family-friendly entertainment for all to enjoy.
If you haven’t registered yet, please click the form below to sign-up, although no registration is necessary. Participants will receive a free tee-shirt and we encourage you to put together a team of participants from your church, school, camp or community group, or just bring your family and friends.
For more information, visit yonkersny.gov/ibc.
2015 Back to School Fair
The Ukranian Youth Center is hosting a back to school fair in August. It should be lots of fun, and kids will get free book bags and school supplies (while supplies last). See below for details.

Cooling Centers Open
As it gets hotter, there are ways to beat the heat. The City is once again designating several locations around the city as Cooling Centers during the forecasted heat wave that is expected to last through the week. Each Cooling Center will be equipped with water, seating and air conditioning.
The following locations will be open:
Peter Chema Center
435 Riverdale Avenue
10:00am-4:30pm (Monday-Friday)

Charles Cola Community Center
945 North Broadway
12:30pm-4:30pm (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Coyne Park Community Center
777 Mclean Avenue
12:00pm-4:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Scotti Community Center
680 Bronx River Road
11:00am-3:30pm (Monday-Wednesday; Friday)

Nepperhan Community Center
342 Warburton Avenue
7:30am-9:00pm (Monday-Friday)

Yonkers Riverfront Library
1 Larkin Center

Grinton I. Will Library
1500 Central Park Avenue

As always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 914-377-6060. I remain,
Yours truly,

Liam J. McLaughlin

The Dog Days of SunBlue Are Here and You Could Win!

Join us to celebrate the height (and heat) of summer in Westchester County with our #DogDaysOfSunBlue competition! The sun keeps radiating all that energy our way and we’re excited to make the most of it by harnessing power for our homes and businesses, enjoying our beach days and offering local dog owners the chance to win prizes.

Post a picture of your dog enjoying the sunshine this summer on the SunBlue Energy Facebook page and you could win a gift certificate to Bark & Meow in Tarrytown and a donation in your name to the no kill animal shelter, Pets Alive Westchester. We’re not picky about your pic, whether your pup is lounging in the sunny spot indoors, bounding on the beach or slobbering in the streets – we just love dogs!

You may be asking yourself, what’s the occasion? We’re celebrating our energy independence this summer by offering $300 off solar array installations for your home or business. Plus, when you sign up by Labor Day, you’re guaranteed to get your solar panels installed in time to claim your 30% federal and 25% New York State tax credits for 2015! The SunBlue Energy Team assesses your solar energy capability, handles all the designs for your solar array and obtains the necessary permits, makes financial arrangements and installs your solar energy panels. The sooner you invest, the sooner you start saving!


What are you waiting for? Pick your best filter, give your dog a good brushing and head out into the sunshine for a #DogDaysOfSunBlue photo shoot. Don’t forget to post your photo on our Facebook Page to show off your photogenic canine!


Questions? Gives us a call at (914) 222-3510 or send us a message.

Pets Alive Westchester is a no-kill animal sanctuary, located in Elmsford, NY on 5 acres. Their mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.


Due to repair and maintenance costs of their current location, Pets Alive Westchester is consolidating with the Middletown, NY location. The donation from this competition will go towards helping all the animals find a good home, as both locations have waived their adoption fees for the foreseeable future.


Bark & Meow is a pet boutique that provides precious pet products, quality chow, excellent pet toys, dog clothing, cat clothing, and even pet-centric people clothing. Their focus is on natural and organic food and treats as well as specialty items for your pet and the pet lover.


About SunBlue Energy: If you’ve been looking for a solution to high energy costs that will make you proud and save you money, Think Solar… Think SunBlue! SunBlue Energy has been designing and installing solar energy systems for homes and businesses in Westchester, NY, CT and NJ for more than six years. Hiring the local team gives you the home court advantage. We’re your friendly neighborhood solar installers, right around the corner.


(Donation button below)
“I never thought I’d say this. Worms are gross, but also they are kind of cool. I told my mom about how they help compost. We are going to compost now too!”

 – Third grader from Thomas Cornell Academy  public school            
In recognition of our work on the Science Barge and elsewhere, Groundwork received the 2014 Leadership in Sustainable Education Award from the Omega Institute.  “We are thrilled to recognize the exceptional achievements of Groundwork Hudson Valley, a nonprofit dedicated to organizing environmental projects driven by local residents and youth to  revitalize

communities from the ground up.”
– Omega CEO Robert “Skip” Backus
Please help us sustain this important work with your donation. 
Together, we can do a world of good, one neighborhood at a time!

Visit our website

 Like us on Facebook


Yonkers Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Concert

Tuesday, December 2nd, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Tree Lighting Press Release 2014

2014 Winter Flyer

The Annual Yonkers Tree Lighting in historic Getty Square is one of the most majestic, traditional events in the City of Yonkers.  For over 100 years, Getty Square has been the center of commerce, transportation and celebrations for the entire Hudson Valley Region.  During the holiday season, hundreds of residents and visitors flock to Getty Square to witness a classic tree lighting.  Afterwards, the crowd is treated to live holiday music and entertainment, highlighted by 2014 Yonkers Idol winners Tiffany Kam and Amara Barlow Valerio.  There will also be amazing professional performances, including the iconic voice of Carolyn Hardings.  Visits from Santa Claus, free Hot Chocolate, lights, games, and a wonderful community all come together to unite our city during this time of celebration.


On Tuesday, December 2nd, join Mayor Mike Spano, Council President Liam McLaughlin, and other public officials and community leaders to celebrate this event.  The Yonkers Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) will also recognize a local business that has given back to the community in exceptional ways.


The Yonkers Annual Tree Lighting is produced by the Yonkers Downtown BID, in conjunction with the office of Mayor Mike Spano, the Yonkers Department of Parks, Recreations, and Conversation, and Yonkers City Council.  We received donations from local businesses including Beyond Costumes, The Wedge Sandwich Shop, and C.H. Martin Department Store.


We hope that everyone, young and old, can join the City of Yonkers as we light our holiday tree and celebrate our city.  Visit https://yonkersdowntown.com/tree-lighting/ for pictures, programs, and more.


Event Details 

Address: Getty Square, Yonkers, NY (1 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10701)

Date: December 2nd, 2014

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm


For Immediate Release:  Off-Duty Yonkers Firefighter Saves Home.

A fire broke out in the 27 Belmont Terrace home of former Yonkers City Councilman Dennis Robertson Saturday morning, but was contained by good neighbor and off-duty firefighter PJ Goldfedder until firefighters arrived a few minutes later.

A little after 10:45 am, firefighter Goldfedder of Engine Company 306 heard a banging at his door. Upon answering, he was quickly informed by his neighbor’s daughter that their kitchen was on fire. Goldfedder sprung into action, grabbing a fire extinguisher from his own kitchen and rushing across the street.

After confirming with the family that all occupants were out and 911 had been called, Goldfedder entered the smoke filled home and made his way to the kitchen.

By this time the fire extended from the oven to the surrounding cabinets and was rolling over the ceiling.  Using his extinguisher, Goldfedder knocked down the flames and closed the oven door.

Members of Engine 309 and Ladder 72 of the Yonkers Fire Department, both from Station 9 just two blocks from Goldfedder’s house,  arrived on the scene to finish the work that Goldfedder had started, fully extinguishing the fire in less than an hour.

Goldfedder remained humble when asked about his actions that morning, pointing to the actions of Robertson’s daughter. “It was her quick thinking to come and get me that put me into the position to help.”  

We will discuss the Political Landscape in our City, as we head toward the beginning of Election 2015.

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Time: 6:30 PM of show on Blog Talk Radio on everyday except for Friday and Sunday.

Show on Friday is at 11:00 PM.


Barry McGoey was my guest on November 20, 2014.


Jeffrey Deskovic, Criminal Justice Advocate; Exoneree and also head of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice was my guest on December 8, 2014.



NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman wrote an op-ed in City and State on the need for New Yorkers to weigh in on the Puerto Rican debt crisis, and the steps that should be taken to remedy the situation. Highlights from the op-ed are below:

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PUERTO RICAN DEBT CRISIS TO NEW YORKERS: Puerto Rico and New York have long had a close, almost familial relationship. Nearly one in ten New York City residents is Puerto Rican or of Puerto Rican descent. The fiscal crisis there is deeply personal for the people of New York. That is why it is so important for New Yorkers to weigh in to make sure that the federal government’s financial decisions over the next few months balance the needs of Puerto Ricans and their families with the need for the commonwealth’s long-term fiscal help.

ON GRANTING PUERTO RICO THE SAME BANKRUPTCY RIGHTS AS OTHER STATES: Congress should immediately grant Puerto Rico the same rights as states to allow distressed government entities to declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy and restructure their debts.

ON LESSONS LEARNED FROM NEW YORK’S 1970S FISCAL CRISIS: The simple threat of bankruptcy itself may help Puerto Rico weather the crisis by forcing all parties back to the negotiating table to stave off bankruptcy. New Yorkers know this from our own experience because it worked for us in the 1970s.

The full op-ed can be read here

The New York Consortium for Higher Education in Prison Applauds

Obama Administration Announcement to Reinstate Pell Grant Eligibility for Incarcerated Students as Part of a Pilot Program

For Immediate Release

July 31, 2015


Contact Information

Bryonn Bain, Lyrics From Lockdown, 917-453-9767

Geraldine Downey, Center for Justice, Columbia University, 212-854-4223

Baz Dreisinger, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 212-237-8197

Rachael Hudak, New York University’s Prison Education Program, 212-992-8673

Doran Larson, Attica-Genesee & Mohawk Consortium Programs, 315-790-2550

Sean Pica, Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, 914-941-0794

Divine Pryor, Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, 347-869-6821

Rob Scott, Cornell Prison Education Program, 217-328-3228


July 31, 2015…The newly formed New York Consortium for Higher Education in Prison (NYCHEP) applauds the Obama Administration announcement this week to reinstate Pell Grant eligibility for incarcerated students, as part of a limited pilot program.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan states, “the administration wants to develop experimental sites that will make Pell grants available to inmates to help them get job training and secure productive life after they are released.”
Legislative supporters of this program have said that incarcerated individuals who participate in correctional education programs are 43 percent less likely to return to prison and 13 percent more likely to secure employment after finishing their sentence.
NYCHEP is a consortium of colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations offering pathways to postsecondary education for incarcerated people in the state of New York. This growing consortium includes (listed alphabetically):

NYCHEP’s collective goal is to increase access to higher education for those impacted by the criminal justice system, and to pool resources in order to create seamless access to quality education inside prison and beyond. We aim to generate opportunities for criminal justice-affected individuals to achieve success in all arenas of their lives and stand ready to amplify our ongoing work towards increasing access to higher education for all.

Please click here to read more about President Obama’s announcement. 

Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison (Hudson Link) is a nonprofit organization that provides college education, life skills and re-entry support to incarcerated men and women to help them make a positive impact on their own lives and their families and communities, resulting in lower rates of recidivism incarceration and poverty. For additional information about the organization, visit www.hudsonlink.org or phone: 914-941-0794.


Wagestaffe decision and order- 2 nd dept- deniedDear Friend,

Everton Wagstaffe was exonerated yesterday. He had been imprisoned for 23 years and 9 months, and had refused to be released via a conditional release for the past 5 years, because he did not want to live as a registered sex offender. Then the conviction was reversed and he was released. But for the past year the DA’s office had been appealing the reversal, which if successful would have resulted in his being re-wrongfully imprisoned. Last night the last court rejected the last appeal, thus solidifying his freedom and formally exonerating him.

Prior coverage of when the conviction was released:

By the way, I actually wrote about this article back in 2009 http://www.westchesterguardian.com/archives/09/10oct09/vol4_no11_oct_15_2009/WG-10-15-09.pdf (page 20)


Jeffrey Deskovic
Executive Director of The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice; Criminal Justice Advocate; Exoneree
 www.Deskovic.org   [Visit our new website!]

Yonkers Insider Editorial: The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice. We write this editorial on the Jeffrey Deskovic Fonndation for Justice in terms of Indegogo campaign with the sole purpose of raising money for the foundation, so that the foundation can continue to do their work in terms of combating wrongful convictions.The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice has many success stories in terms of helping wrongfully convicted individuals. The mission statement of Jeff’s foundation is the following to help exonerate the wrongfully convicted, helo reintegrate exonerated individuals and to educate the pubic policymakers and others on this most important issue on how to combat the issue of wrongful convictions.Other goals of the Foundation are the following: to continue to fight for the wrongfully convicted and make sure that the voices of these wrongfully convicted individuals are being in the courtrooms in which their trials are taking place and also advocate for advocacy programs in any issue where exoneree rights and resources are involved.

LInk to Indiegogo website, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/exonerate-reintegrate-educate/x/9005386

To read this press release, link to: http://www.prweb.com/releases/Deskovic/Indiegogo/prweb12363316.htm

http://www.Deskovic.org – Foundation Website.

https://www.facebook.com/thejeffreydeskovicfoundation – Facebook Page.

This Editorial is the sole opinion of The Yonkers Insider.

The Yonkers Insider

Dear Concerned Citizens against wrongful conviction:

Today is #GivingTuesday around the world – a global day to give back.

As all of you know, I started The Jeffrey Deskovic Foution for Justice to do exactly that – give back to society even when so much had been taken from me.  The mission of the Foundation has been to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, help reintegrate exonerees, and educate the public, policymakers and others on the front lines on how to prevent wrongful convictions.

In the last two years we have had our share of successes and of course one large heartbreak – the death of our very own William Lopez.  While we miss him terribly, his passing has further solidified our resolve to continue the fight against wrongful convictions and make sure the voices of the wrongfully convicted are being heard in courtrooms, advocacy programs and anywhere else where exoneree rights and resources are concerned.

So while I could share details of all that we have been doing in this email, I instead urge you to visit our Indiegogo campaign page on this #GivingTuesday to learn about our work and more importantly, to GIVE to the Foundation this holiday season.  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/exonerate-reintegrate-educate/x/9005386

I further invite any of you in the media to help us raise awareness and advance the efforts of the Foundation’s work with exonerees by sending out this press release:

Thank you for all the support you have shown me and the Foundation and I look forward to continuing the fight against wrongful convictions with your help.

Please GIVE in any way you can.


Jeffrey Deskovic
Executive Director of The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice; Criminal Justice Advocate; Exoneree

http://www.Deskovic.org   [Visit our new website!]

https://www.facebook.com/thejeffreydeskovicfoundation [Help Us Get Corporate Sponsors by Liking Us On Facebook!]

$$$Buy My Reintegration Game!$$$ http://www.rechargethegame.com/

GIVE. HOPE. TODAY!! Sharing with you a story of hope, faith and resilience in the face of extreme adversity – spending 16 years in prison for a crime you did not commit.

I hope that you will take a minute to learn more and GIVE to the Foundation’s efforts to exonerate the wrongfully convicted, reintegrate exonerees, and educate the public on how to prevent innocent people from going to prison.

Help OUR Cause..


‪#‎GivingTuesday‬. http://bit.ly/DeskovicIndie

Our holiday fundraising campaign is now live on Indiegogo!

Hi everybody,

We wanted to let you know that our holiday fundraiser for The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice is live on Indiegogo, and you now have the chance to empower the powerless. The funds raised during our crowdfunding campaign will go towards our yearly operating budget to fight for the release of the wrongfully imprisoned and reintegrate those who have been released.

Donate Now

Innocent prisoners feel powerless and vulnerable. Jeff launched the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to give power back to the wrongfully accused. The Foundation employs a trained staff of attorneys and seasoned investigators, and links exonerees to a support network to assist their re-entry into society.

We need your help to fight for those who don’t have a voice – please help us spread word about the Deskovic Foundation Indiegogo campaign by sharing on social media:

– Share our featured post on Facebook HERE

– Connect with us on Twitter @DeskovicFDN and click this link to tweet about our fundraiser: http://ctt.ec/k2OW9

You can get more information about our campaign HERE. Stay tunes for more updates!


The Deskovic Foundation Team

Giving Tuesday –
December 2nd, 2014
Any donation made on Giving Tuesday will be matched!
Get ready, get set…. GO!
To help make a difference this Giving Tuesday an anonymous donor has agreed to match every donation made to My Sisters’ Place on December 2nd up to $24,000.
That’s right, you have 24 hours to help raise up to $24,000 for our families in need. 
You can do it! But how?
Your donation counts for double on December 2nd.  $25 turns into $50, $50 into $100, and… you get the picture.
Why My Sisters’ Place?  Follow us on Twitter the day of for 24 reasons to choose My Sisters’ Place this Giving Tuesday.  Every hour we’ll share another example of how MSP does our work to help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.
#24in24… we can do it together. 
August 4, 2015
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
CV Rich Mansion
305 Ridgeway
White Plains, NY 10605
Email us at info@mspny.org
Call us at 914-683-1333
We are proud to invite you to this after-work affair hosted by Mercedes-Benz of White Plains for the 5th consecutive season! 
  • Live Music
  • Catered Food and Drinks
  • Chazz Palminteri’s BiVi Vodka Tasting
Capacity is limited. Be sure to get your tickets today!
Purchase Tickets
Please visit our website at www.mspny.org
For questions, please email info@mspny.org

July/ Blue Door Art Center


At Blue Door Art Center we want to share an upcoming event with you that we think you would enjoy.

Bring your family and friends to this cultural center, where food, art and cinema abound.
Your friends at the Blue Door Art Center.

Artist Talk:
  Business of Art by
  Albertus Joseph
  Thursday, July 30th
   6-8:00 p.m.
Established artist, Albertus Joseph, will be sharing his experiences from the beginning of his journey as an artist to where he is today. He will offer advice of the do’s and don’ts in the present day art field; how to become a self-sustaining artist; how to approach galleries, and more. Artists are invited to bring their own work for personal critique, which will be invaluable coming from a professional artist.
$10 at the door (only for attendants not in the current exhibit, Off the Page). Suggested donation from artists in the exhibit.
You will learn from Albertus’s  insights as he is a wealth of information.Come to be inspired and leave with the benefits of knowing more of the business side of creating art.

Off the Page Open Mic

Friday, July 31st

6:30-9:00 p.m.


Join Blue Door Art Center for a night of Poetry & Live Music as part of the last event of OFF THE PAGE community art exhibition.


Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the show will be from

7-9:00 p.m.


If you are an aspiring poet or musician, this is an event for you. Or you may just want to come and soak in the vibrant sounds of talented musicians and poets.


The event will be hosted by poet Hector Santiago. There will be refreshments provided.


There is a small entry fee of $5 before 7 p.m. and $7 after 7 p.m. One of the featured poets is Yonkers native, Poetic Justice.


All levels of poets and performers are welcomed to share. Performers can sign up now for Open Mic by emailing info@bluedoorartcenter.org or message us on the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/theBDAC.




Last week of
Off the Page Pop Up 
Community Exhibit!
Closing exhibit on 
Saturday, August 1st
1-5:00 p.m.
    Whirlwind-Patricia Santos
Bring your friends and stop by Blue Door Gallery, as we see Off the Page of Community Artists come to a close.
There is such a unique selection of talented young artists, in the form of photography, beer can sculptures, paintings, prints and more.
An assortment of goodies will be available as we listen to music, chat with friends and watch a short film by Renaissance Francis, an aspiring film maker. The film will be screened from 1-2:00.
By your presence and participation, you are supporting the artists in your community. There is an abundance of treasures you are sure to want to invest in.
Branding in the Arts Workshop

Wednesday, July 29th

7-9:00 p.m.
MZ Urban Gallery
617 W. 27th St. NY, NY
Want to learn fundamental principles on how to create your own branding as a professional?

A Branding Workshop for all Creative people including visual artists, writers, architects, designers and performers.

This is a unique marketing workshop including a one on one consultation taught by Stephanie Herold whom has worked with branding internationally for over 10 years.
For more information and fees, visit  www.artforhealingnyc.org.



About Us

Blue Door Gallery presents widely attended and critically-acclaimed fine art exhibitions in a welcoming environment. BDG publishes books on many of its outstanding exhibitions and makes available the chap books of our poets.


Currently showing: POP UP exhibition, “Off the Page” by up and coming Community Artists.


Other community art programs at the gallery include monthly “Open Stage” performances, poetry writing workshops, art themed videos, art classes, performances and other special events.

The Blue Door Art Center initiates many public art projects including the installation of sculpture along the Yonkers Esplanade and in other locations. BDAC has been a fixture at Yonkers “Riverfest” for many years and conducts  workshops and events in locations throughout the city. BDAA is now in the process of installing artwork in vacant storefronts throughout Downtown Yonkers and partnering with Greyston Foundation to provide special art experiences for children in their Child Care Center.
SPECIAL THANKS to our Generous and Supportive Sponsors

sponsor logos 2015

Not an art-maker?  Be an art-lover and supporter  You may find something that 

catches your eye and feeds your soul.
If you or your creative friends have workshop ideas or would like to share your craft,

feel free to email the gallery at info@bluedoorartcenter.org and we will respond asap.


Arle´ Sklar-Weinstein, Gallery and Art Center Director

Luis Perelman, Art Association and Art Center Director

Robin Hutchinson, Gallery Manager

Naajidah Correll, Assistant Manager

Hector Santiago, Outreach Coordinator


      This Week in Downtown Yonkers

Movies On Main Street
Free Outdoor Movies on a Giant Screen
Every Tuesday night this summer
8:00pm. 86 Main Street
This Week 7.28
The Original WIZARD of OZ
Friday Night Jazz
This week 7.31
Ainslie Street Vibes
These trendy andoh-so-popular performers will keep the crowd moving with their dynamic mix of jazz, Latin, salsa, and classical repertoire.
Every Friday Night
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Amphitheater
71 Water Grant St.

Riverwalk Wednesday
Amazing, free kids events every Wednesday night.
5:30pm. Van Der Donck Park
1 Larkin Plaza
This Week 7.29 
Mad Science
This lively, interactive performance allows Yonkers children of all ages to participate in experiments and grow in a playful environment.  Rain location the Yonkers YMCA.
More Summer Events 
Coming This August 
Presented by

FREE Movies on Main Street.Join us for one of the greatest classics of all time and take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road. See “The Wizard of Oz” outdoors on the big screen. It’s so much better than on the TV!

  • What:Movies on Main Street: The Wizard of Oz
  • When:Tuesday, July 28th, 8:00pm
  • Where:86 Main Street, Yonkers
  • Who:The Yonkers Downtown Waterfront BID, community members and families.  All press are welcome to attend and take photos!

FREE Riverwalk Wednesdays Mad Science makes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fun! This lively, interactive performance allows Yonkers children of all ages to participate in experiments and grow in a playful environment.  Rain or shine.

  • What:Riverwalk Wednesday: Mad Science
  • When:Wednesday, July 29th, 5:30-7:00pm
  • Where:Van Der Donck Park, 1 Larkin Plaza, Yonkers
    • Rain Location: Yonkers YMCA, 17 Riverdale Ave, Yonkers
  • Who:The Yonkers Downtown Waterfront BID, community members and families.  All press are welcome to attend and take photos of the performing group (no photos of children, please)!


FREE Friday Night Jazz

Our series continues this week with the crowd favorite Ainslie Street Vibes coming to us from Brooklyn! These trendy and oh-so-popular performers will keep the crowd moving with their dynamic mix of jazz, Latin, salsa, and classical repertoire. An event not to be missed! Rain or shine.

  • What:Friday Night Jazz: Ainslie Street Vibes
  • When:Friday, July 31st, 6:30-8:00pm
  • Where:71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers
    • Rain Location: Yonkers Pier under X20, 71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers
  • Who:The Yonkers Downtown Waterfront BID, community members and families.  All press are welcome to attend and take photos!

For more information visit www.YonkersDowntown.com.

 Existing home sales sold at the fastest pace since 2007 and
median prices reached a record high.*Sales nationally have increased 3.2% and the median price is $236,400,
up 6.5% from last year and above the peak prices set in July, 2006.In the Ocean Beach area, the news is even better!
Sales are up 4% and the median price has increased 7% to $260,000.
*According to the to the National Association of Realtors

Whether you are looking for damaged properties to renovate or raise,
or a completed home so you can move right in, we have the right property for you.Call one of our sales agents at 732-793-7273 if you have any questions
or visit our website sales’ page.www.oceanbeachnj.com

204 S. Lagoon Lane, Ocean Beach II
Lagoon Front

214 S. Lagoon Lane
Ocean Beach II
Great bay view!

Listed for $495,000!

Ocean Front
3180 Ocean Road
Ocean Beach II
Brand-new w/loft, great views!
Listed for $679,000

Ocean Block
33 E. Flamingo Way
Ocean Beach III
Ocean block w/CA, WD!
Asking $399,000!

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

I want to update you on the good progress we’ve made this legislative session and all we’ve accomplished for The Bronx and Westchester. I am happy to report that there were a series of major achievements in Albany that will have a meaningful impact for all New Yorkers.

This year, we were able to strengthen and extend rent control and rent stabilization laws in New York City. I’m proud to announce that the state legislature enacted some of the toughest tenant protection laws in the nation, increasing civil penalties for landlords found guilty of harassment up to $3,000 for the first offense, and $11,000 for subsequent offenses.

We also passed common sense legislation that will provide $3.1 billion in new tax relief to middle-class homeowners. Under this program, countless property owners in New York will be eligible for property tax rebates over the next four years, with an average rebate of approximately $350 per household statewide.

What’s more, we approved a four year extension of the state’s cap on local property tax increases – a move imperative to keeping the cost of living affordable for millions of families across the Empire State.

New York is a national leader in gender equality and equal rights. This position was cemented earlier this year when the state legislature passed the Women’s Equality Act to close the gender pay gap, ban discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace, increase protections for victims of domestic violence, strengthen laws against human trafficking and more.

Making sure New York State remains one of the top places to live and raise a family means investing in our safety and security, too. That’s why I’ve allocated nearly $1 million for the Stand Up to Violence Program to combat guns and gang violence in The Bronx. I’ve also secured funding to install new and improved peepholes for seniors and individuals with disabilities at apartment buildings across the 34th Senate District.

As summer kicks into high gear, I hope you and your family are taking time to enjoy the warm weather and all the activities and events that our borough has to offer during these fun months. Most recently, I was able to extend free admission days at the Bronx Zoo for families and children. Stop by every Wednesday this year to check out the exciting exhibits and engaging park tours the Bronx Zoo has to offer.

As always, please don’t hesitate to call my district office at (718) 822-2049 should you need assistance or have any questions. Don’t forget to take a look at our summer calendar and join us for upcoming community events. I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to a great summer!

All the best,

Senator Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein


Goldfarb June 2015.jpg

PELHAM PARKWAY – Following the flagrant harassment and unlawful eviction of residents at 3555 Bruckner Boulevard and Goldfarb Properties in The Bronx, I led a group of community activists and fellow government officials in calling for an investigation into the practices of Bronx slumlords Martin Scharf and Phillip Goldfarb who have forced hundreds of Bronx tenants out of their homes.

No tenant should be the target of illegal discrimination or systematic harassment by dishonest, scamming landlords while trying to make a home for themselves and their families.That’s why I’m calling for an immediate inquiry into all tenant harassment complaints at properties owned by these two landlords.


Palisades 2.jpg

RIVERDALE – The Hudson River Palisades are a national treasure. That’s why I’m proud to announce that I successfully led the way in opposing the construction of LG Electronic’s proposed 143-foot-high corporate headquarters along the Hudson River, preserving the natural beauty of the Palisades.

The agreement reached with LG reduces the size of the planned building to 69-feet, a height which will not pierce the treeline or infringe upon the park’s natural landscape. Last year, I filed an amicus brief in opposition to granting a zoning variance to build this towering structure, arguing that it would have disrupted the natural beauty of the cliffs along the park and set a dangerous precedent in opening the area to further development.


Riverdale Neighborhood House Town Hall

THE BRONX – Last month, I hosted a town hall where seniors and individuals with disabilities were able to check their eligibility and sign up for the SCRIE/DRIE and EPIC programs. Both the New York City Department of Health and the New York City Department of Finance were on-hand to answer questions, provide information and enroll participants in the programs on-the-spot.

I was proud to lead the fight in Albany to raise the SCRIE/DRIE income cap to $50,000 and help seniors get the relief they need and expand eligibility for older adults under EPIC by raising the income threshold to $75,000 for individuals and $100,000 for married couples. I strongly encourage seniors and individuals with disabilities to check their eligibility and sign up for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE), Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE), and Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) programs.


Pelham Security & Efficiency.jpg

PELHAM – I was pleased to secure $195,000 in state funding for security and energy efficiency upgrades to Pelham Town Hall and the Daronco Town House to boost emergency preparedness with 21st Century technology. These improvements include new generators, a surveillance system, security room, and much more.

By making significant investments in the safety and security of residents, we are lifting up our communities, providing important cost savings, and ensuring they are safer, stronger, and more resilient for future generations. I look forward to working with the Town of Pelham for years to come as we strive to further improve the quality of life for all its residents.


Knicks Basketball Clinic

MORRIS PARK –  I was thrilled to join students from P.S. 107 and former NBA star Felipe Lopez for a special basketball performance and training clinic sponsored by the New York Knicks. The basketball superstar was on hand to show more than 100 young athletes the ropes in shooting hoops, pro-style basketball drills and conditioning exercises.

Anytime such a spectacular pro-athlete takes the time to meet with students, it not only lifts up their school day, but could very well be the seed to big dreams that may someday grow into their own professional sports career. Felipe is such a powerful role model and his enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of basketball and the lessons learned both on and off the court were a great inspiration for the students at P.S. 107. Sports are always a great vehicle for keeping our children on the right track to leading healthy and happy lives, and I was delighted to help make this special day happen.


Jewish American Heritage Celebration Riverdale.jpgJewish American Heritage Month Bronx House

THE BRONX – In May, I celebrated Jewish American Heritage Month to recognize more than 350 years of Jewish contributions to American history, society and culture. I was honored to join Bronx civic leaders and hundreds of community members to host celebrations at the Riverdale YM-YWHA and Bronx House in Pelham Parkway. At each event, distinguished honorees were saluted for strengthening our neighborhoods and enhancing Jewish life in The Bronx.

This year, we saluted individuals whose efforts have had an indelible impact in their communities and on the lives of their fellow New Yorkers: Charles Moerdler, Farrah Rubin, Mark Friedlander, Edith Blitzer, Andrea Seigel, and Barbara Davis Gelnick. By celebrating our unique heritage and working together to lift up people of all religions, we are not only better Jews, but better Americans.



ORCHARD BEACH – Nearly 15,000 New Yorkers turned out on a beautiful summer evening for this year’s annual New York Salutes America Fireworks Extravaganza at Orchard Beach. This annual Independence Day celebration is a highlight on the community calendar and this year’s event proved to be one of our best ever. In addition to the fireworks, attendees participated in fun fitness activities, children’s games and enjoyed a delicious barbeque. I was once again proud to host this year’s event with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

Independence Day is also an important time to reflect on the tremendous sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made to protect our ideals, freedoms and democracy. I join all Bronx residents in saluting their bravery and dedication to preserving the freedom we all enjoy.


Riverdale Neighborhood House Ribbon Cutting

RIVERDALE – The Riverdale Neighborhood House has been an anchor to the families of Riverdale since its inception more than 100 years ago. For decades, parents have entrusted Riverdale Neighborhood House as both the first step in their child’s education and as a great connector later for internships and job programs for teens. I was justly proud to join civic leaders and local community members in celebrating the grand opening and ribbon cutting of RNH’s new community and teen center.

Riverdale Neighborhood House has offered essential social services, resources and support to countless families and I am proud to have provided $250,000 for these much-needed upgrades to the facility. I look forward to continuing to work together with RNH to ensure that Riverdale’s families and children will be afforded these vital services for years to come.


Bronx Day Albany Photo.jpg

ALBANY – I was once again proud to celebrate Bronx culture, businesses, organizations and the bright future of the borough at this year’s third annual Bronx Day in Albany. The Bronx was well represented with Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. joining me to bring a little bit of downstate to upstate.

The day included a business luncheon and a “Best of the Bronx” reception offering attendees a taste of The Bronx with food from famed Arthur Avenue and other special local fare.

The occasion also provided an opportunity to salute and thank Victor DiPierro for his distinguished 20-year career with the New York City Police Department. A Pelham Bay native, Mr. DiPierro went above and beyond the call of duty to protect the residents of the Morris Park community and all children and families across New York. Vic is a shining example of the value and importance of community-policing in our neighborhoods.


YSOP 2.jpg

BRONX – This month, I was proud to join the Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP) to donate summer backpacks to nearly 300 children from the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club and the HELP Bronx Morris Avenue homeless shelter.

In 2014, I secured $60,000 for YSOP to bolster volunteer opportunities for young people across The Bronx and Westchester. The summer backpacks were prepared by the students at Prospect Hill Elementary School in Pelham, New York. All items were donated by the school, including fun summer toys and activities like children’s books, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, cards and more.

NY-Daily-News.jpg Senator Klein is cracking down on crooked landlords in The Bronx. Click here to learn more…

Bronx-Times-100x100.jpgThe Throggs Neck Little League Clubhouse is getting an upgrade thanks to Senator Klein. Check it out here

PW.pngThe Village of Pelham will see security and energy efficiency improvements made to Daronco Town House and Pelham Town Hall in coming months…

Click Here  to visit my Senate web site.

Question or Comments? Please call 

(718) 822-2049

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
1250 Waters Place, Suite 1202
Bronx NY 10461 United States

Dear Guest,

You’re invited to the 3rd Annual Bronx Day In Albany event on  Monday June 15 from 12-7pm at The Egg. This event will be hosted by NYS Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, Senator Jeff Klein, and Bronx Borough President Ruben
Diaz Jr.  Join us for a day of networking and an evening of dining and entertainment hosted by Elvis impersonator Gene Dinapoli!

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

As the school year winds down and summer approaches, I know many of you will be taking time to relax and enjoy the warm, fun months ahead with family and friends. This month also marks the end of the legislative session and, as we enter these final few weeks, I wanted to update you on the good progress we’ve made. I’m proud to report that many of my InvestNY policy proposals and community initiatives are moving forward:

  • $1.6 billion increase in education aid
  • $250 million for four new Metro North stations in The Bronx
  • $100 million in state funding for NYCHA — the largest increase in more than 15 years
  • $50 million for middle-income housing construction and Mitchell-Lama preservation
  • Funding for the Bronx H.I.R.E. jobs program
  • Funding to combat the high rate of Latina suicide
  • Funding for YMCA health and wellness initiatives
  • Funding for the Stand Up to Violence (SUV) program
  • $1 million for the construction of the Van Cortlandt Park Pedestrian Bridge
  • Funding for the Riverdale Senior Services Women’s Wellness Program
  • Funding for the Pelham School District
  • Funding for the Mt. Vernon School District
  • Funding for the Pennington School

As we wrap up the legislative session, I’ll be working in Albany to pass common-sense policies that put more money back into the pockets of our hard-working families — like providing real property tax relief for homeowners, raising the minimum wage, enacting meaningful Paid Family Leave, helping seniors cut back on high utility bills and more.

The summer season is one of my favorites and I want to make sure that you “Save the Date” for many of my upcoming community events listed below.  As always, please don’t hesitate to call my district office at (718) 822-2049 should you need assistance or have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to a great summer!

Warm regards,

Jeff Klein


Albany Spotlight: Providing Real Property Relief for Homeowners

New York City residents pay some of the highest taxes in the state and because of that they deserve more relief. That’s why this month, I was proud to introduce legislation that will provide homeowners across the five boroughs — including co-op and condo owners — with property tax rebates of up to $500 for the next three years.

We need to provide relief for New York City households in a way that reflects the reality of what they are paying for a roof over their heads. This new bill will put more money back in the pockets of taxpayers with a sensible, realistic approach tailored to the needs of local residents. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate and Assembly in the coming weeks to pass this important piece of legislation.


Students in the 34th Senate District  Are Getting a BOOST

Earlier this year, I was proud to announce increased funding for our local schools through Project BOOST (Building Options and Opportunities for Students). Project BOOST is an academic and cultural enrichment program which provides students with the resources they need to succeed now and into the future. Thanks to this vital funding stream, schools across the 34th Senate District have been able to provide students with innovative new activities and after-school programs like ballroom dancing, robotics, cultural anthropology, exciting trips to museums, Broadway shows and much more.

Throggs Neck Houses Community Clean-Up Day

It’s always true that when the community comes together for a cause, anything is possible. In April, I was proud to sponsor the Throggs Neck Houses Community Clean-Up Day together with the Throggs Neck Houses Residents’ Council, Community Board 10 and volunteers from the Police Service Area #8 Explorers. At this special event, community members joined together to collect trash and debris, clear walkways and spruce up streets after the long winter.

Senator Klein Celebrates Opening Day in The Bronx & Westchester

Nothing says spring like baseball! Last month, I toured little league celebrations across The Bronx and Westchester — marching along with children and families and cheering on youngsters in uniform. I’m proud to support our little league teams which teach our children the values of teamwork, leadership and community. Good luck to all the local teams this year and remember: when we play together, everyone wins!

Klein Donates Orchids to Seniors at Bronx House

In April, I was happy to donate more than 30 orchids from the New York Botanical Garden to seniors at Bronx House. The flowers, which were given away in a raffle, included a wide variety of species and colors. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways this summer!

Senator Klein Announces $1 Million Study to Reduce Traffic Congestion at Hutchinson Metro Center

In May, I was proud to announce $1 million in state funding for the NYC DOT preliminary design study to reduce congestion at the Hutchinson Metro Center in The Bronx. The study will develop a conceptual plan to construct a new southbound access ramp to the Hutch Metro Center via the Hutchinson River Parkway. This smart investment will benefit The Bronx for years to come and reduce congestion in a heavily trafficked area ripe for future growth.

Justice for Job Seekers

Last month, I released an undercover report that detailed the unscrupulous and fraudulent practices occurring at New York City employment agencies. Unfortunately, all too often, registered employment agencies across the five boroughs skirt the law, and more disturbingly, unregistered or illicit agencies cheat workers out of hard-earned cash with bogus promises to secure employment. No job seeker should be charged outrageous fees, be given false hiring leads, or empty promises. That’s why I have introduced legislation in the State Senate that would modify licensing procedures for employment agencies; make it more difficult for them to defraud workers; improve enforcement of existing regulations; and enable victims to seek legal recourse. In the coming weeks, I will work with my colleagues in state government to reform these grossly outdated practices for all New Yorkers.

Klein Celebrates Remarkable Achievements of Bronx Veteran & True American Hero

I was proud to honor Analiza Benjamin, Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve Nurse Corps. and North Bronx Healthcare Network Senior Associate Director for Nursing Administration, at the 2015 Veterans Hall of Fame Celebration in Albany. I salute Analiza Benjamin — and all our fearless men and women in uniform — who have fought bravely for the ideals, democracy and freedom we hold dear.

Standing Up for Seniors

This month, I’ll be hosting town halls across the 34th Senate District to encourage seniors and individuals with disabilities to check their eligibility and sign up for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE), Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) and Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) programs. While SCRIE/DRIE can significantly reduce rent payments by freezing rates for eligible households and providing rebates to help cut costs, EPIC can also help alleviate the burden facing seniors by lowering the out-of-pocket cost of prescription drugs.

Last year, I was proud to lead the fight in Albany to raise the SCRIE/DRIE income cap to $50,000 and help seniors get the relief they need. I also expanded eligibility for older adults under EPIC by raising the income threshold to $75,000 for individuals and $100,000 for married couples.

Together, these vital programs offer substantial discounts that can help keep life affordable for seniors living out their golden years right here in The Bronx and Westchester. Please join me at one of my upcoming town halls (listed in our events section) to learn more about SCRIE/DRIE and EPIC and what these programs can do for you.

Blood Sweat & Tears to Headline RiverFest 2015

Riverdale’s annual celebration of the beauty of the Hudson River and unity of the local community returns this year and is better than ever. I’m proud to announce that I will be co-sponsoring RiverFest 2015 and was able to secure Grammy award-winning group Blood Sweat & Tears to headline this special event!

There will also be performances by artists Rob Taube, Steve Oates, Rob Schiffmann and more. Families and children will have the chance to enjoy scenic boat rides, sample some delicious food, learn more about the waterfront and take in a variety of fun-filled games and activities.

So head down to RiverFest on Sunday, June 14th for a day filled with good music, good friends and lots of laughs. Hope to see you there.


Click Here  to visit my Senate web site.

Question or Comments? Please call 

(718) 822-2049

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
1250 Waters Place, Suite 1202
Bronx NY 10461 United States

Dear Friend & Neighbor,

During the past few months, I’ve been working hard up in Albany to make sure New York City and the Bronx and Westchester gets its fair share. That means fighting for more property tax relief for homeowners and renters, creating good-paying jobs in the community and finding ways to boost our local economy. And that’s just the start.

In a city where more than 2.5 million people pay over half their annual income in rent, and the cost of owning a home is skyrocketing – I’m fighting to make life more affordable for you. That’s why I’ve introduced an enhanced property tax plan to reduce the burden for New York City homeowners and renters. Last month, I also unveiled a new housing plan that would commit more than $500 million in combined City and State funding to improve and repair our public housing stock and increase the number of new affordable housing units being constructed for middle-income and low-income families.

This year, New York State will decide how to spend $5 billion in settlement funds we received from financial institutions. I’ve introduced a comprehensive plan – A New Deal for New York – that invests those dollars right back into the very neighborhoods and pockets they came from. My New Deal plan is aimed at creating good-paying jobs through infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, rail, transit, parks projects and more.

Creating economic opportunity for New Yorkers is not just about investing in our future; it’s about making sure our communities are safe, too. Here in the Bronx, I’ve made protecting our children and families a top priority, and this month, the State Senate unanimously passed my legislation that will prohibit sexual predators from living in family homeless shelters and residing within 1,000 feet of universal pre-kindergarten programs.

Please don’t hesitate to call my district office at (718) 822-2049 should you need assistance or have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Our upcoming events are posted below. Come join us! I hope to see you soon.

Primavera Italian Language Program


BRONX – On February 28th, I celebrated the hard work and achievement of this year’s graduating class of Primavera Italian Language Students at St. Benedict’s School. At the ceremony, I was proud to be honored by Loretta Ziano, the program’s director, for the funding support and dedication I have shown the Primavera Program for many years. ‘Complimenti’ to the graduating students!

Keeping Our Children Safe


MANHATTAN – This February, I released a comprehensive report “Keeping Our Children Safe From Sex Offenders,” which found dangerous predators living near universal pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs across New York City. Taking fast action, the State Senate unanimously passed my legislation that will impose harsher residency restrictions on offenders and prohibit them from living near where our youngest children go to school.

Black History Month


THROGGS NECK – Black History Month recognizes the incredible contributions of African-Americans in our community. This year, I celebrated with friends at Villa Barone Manor and honored a few outstanding Bronxites for their hard work, including: April Horton, Director of External and Government Affairs at Verizon; Paul Moore, Principal of Moore Development Group; Rev. Dr. Kahlil Mootoo, Pastor at Bright Temple A.M.E. Church; Loretta Masterson, President of the Sack Wern Houses Residents Council; Darrin Speight, President of the Shorehaven Condo Association; Debra Stern, Founder and Executive Director of the Amani Public Charter School; Aleatha Williams, Founder and President of Youth Leaders On The Move. Congratulations to all the honorees and thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate!

Investing In NY's Seniors


RIVERDALE –  In February, I launched my new Senior Affordability Survey to gauge New York seniors’ most-pressing financial issues. The simple, straightforward survey documents the most common challenges facing elderly New Yorkers, including the rising costs of homeownership, skyrocketing property taxes, maintenance and upkeep expenses, utility bills, and more.

In order to help make life more affordable for New York’s seniors, I have also unveiled a series of new proposals that include a senior utility tax break, the creation of a utility consumer advocate to fight unscrupulous rate increases and the creation of new affordable senior housing developments across the state. As a cornerstone of my 2015 Invest NY plan, finding solutions to these problems are essential measures in promoting financial security and long-term stability for those living out their golden years.

Please visit www.IDCInvestNY.com or call my office at (718) 822-2049 to take our quick, confidential senior survey.

SUV Program


PELHAM PARKWAY – This month, I was proud to be honored by Jacobi Medical Center for my work with the Stand Up to Violence (SUV) program here in the Bronx. Gun violence remains a serious public health issue and SUV’s  proven approach makes it clear to our young people that guns and gang violence do not need to be a way of life.

Valentines for Veterans


BRONX – I was proud to host the 20th annual ‘Valentines for Veterans’ celebration on February 13th at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center. Together with Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez, Miss Teen USA K. Lee Graham and students from P.S. 83., we donated more than 200 Valentine’s Day Cards and gift bags to outstanding veterans and servicemen.

Investing In NY's Public Housing


MANHATTAN – In February, I stood with my IDC colleagues, Senator Adriano Espaillat and Councilman Ritchie Torres to call for increased funding for New York City’s public housing stock. We also unveiled a series of bold new proposals that will reinvest, update and repair NYCHA facilities and work to strengthen oversight and increase accountability measures for the Authority. These important proposals will work to preserve our public housing and ensure all New Yorkers have access to safe, secure, sanitary housing for years to come.

Warm Regards,

Jeff Klein

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Question or Comments? Please call 

(718) 822-2049

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
1250 Waters Place, Suite 1202
Bronx NY 10461 United States

Dear Friends,

Campaign season is fast approaching and I am grateful for the outpouring of support I have received. I want to give you an update on my reelection bid and ask you to lend your efforts to continue the work we already accomplished for The Bronx, Westchester County and New York.




Just today on City Island the Uniformed Fire Officers Association backed me. It is an endorsement I truly cherish because of the hard work they do to keep our homes and families safe. Yesterday, I was endorsed by the Detectives’ Endowment Association, who thanked me for my work on issues like the SAFE Act and Operation SNUG, which contribute to fewer dangerous guns on our streets and safer neighborhoods for all.




I am very proud that these endorsements have joined those of so many of my other supporters, including the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Workers Union, the Transportation Workers Union Local 100, Plumbers Union Local 1, the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York, Teamsters Joint Council 16, DC 9 IUPAT, Steamfitters Local 638, the New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council, National NYCPD 10-13 Organization, Port Authority PBA, the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, Liberty Democratic Association,  Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, Bronx Democratic County Committee Chairman Carl Heastie, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Assemblyman Luis Sepulvda, Assemblyman Marcos Crespos, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, Council Member Annabel Palma, Council Member James Vacca, Council Member Ritchie Torres, Council Member Vanessa Gibson, Council Member Andrew Cohen, Former Council Member June Eisland, Village of Pelham Trustee Joel Marty, Town of Pelham Democratic Committee Co-Chairman Ed Doty and Democratic Leader Lewis Goldstein.


The real strength of a campaign, however, is the volunteers who put in the time making phone calls, collecting petitions and getting the word about the election out in their communities. Can I count on you to volunteer for my campaign?



Thank you for your support and I hope to see you soon!




With Warm Regards,


Senator Klein



Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2013

Dear Friend,

Last year, I issued a report showing the need for passage of a minimum wage hike in New York. In that report, the data illustrated that increasing the minimum wage would boost the wages of all affected workers by roughly $950 million. While all New Yorkers would benefit from an increase to the minimum wage, some of New York’s residents would see greater gains than others. Data on New York’s workforce makes it clear that women and minority workers are more likely than male or white workers to hold jobs that pay the minimum wage or slightly above. Since women and minority workers are more likely to hold these lower paying jobs, they also stand to see the greatest benefit from an increase in the minimum wage.
In the report I just released last week, the data outlines how New York’s female and minority would directly benefit from a state minimum wage increase, taking home an average of $800 – $1,000 in additional take home pay for New York’s women and minority workers.

By putting more money in the pockets of hard-working New Yorkers, a higher minimum wage will immediately increase local consumer spending. That’s why I’ll be working hard in the coming weeks and months ahead to make sure that we get this done for our workers and for our state’s economy.

New School Funding Announced.

As pictured above, I had lunch with PS 83 students in the Project BOOST program at a restaurant in Morris Park and spoke to students about how their experiences outside the classroom have shaped their learning in the classroom. I have supported Project BOOST programs at 12 district schools and hope to visit all the recipient-schools in the months ahead.

Four Loko Succumbs to Pressure, Changes Packaging.
After applying years of pressure, the makers of the popular—and dangerous—alcoholic malt beverage Four Loko, the product’s manufacturers have finally agreed to substantial changes to their packaging. The product has been widely linked to incidents of alcohol poisoning amongst high school and college students, with increased hospitalization rates reported in areas where consumption of the beverage is at its highest. That’s why I launched an investigation into the product’s safety in 2010, subpoenaed the products manufacturers in 2011, and passed legislation restricting the product’s sales to liquor stores only in 2012.
On Tuesday, as part of an agreement with the FDA, Four Loko’s manufacturers have agreed to include an “alcohol facts panel” on the back of each can and to make the product resealable, which experts agree will make customers far less likely to consume the entire beverage in an unsafe amount of time. Four Loko’s 12% alcohol content makes a single serving far more potent than that of an ordinary alcoholic beverage—in fact, a super sized can delivers the alcoholic equivalent of 4-5 beers.

Valentines Day for Vets.

I joined Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether, in hosting the 18th Annual “Valentines for Veterans” event at  the James J. Peters VA Medical Center. After the program, Miss USA, children from the PS 83 Children’s Choir and I helped distribute valentines and gift bags given by children at 25 schools across the Bronx.
Free Flu Vaccines.

Last week, I hosted a free flu vaccine event in Riverdale so that members of the community can protect themselves against influenza. We are in the heart of the flu season and it is important to take preventative measures for the good of your family, friends and coworkers.


Jeff Klein, New York State Senator, 34th District

Question or Comments? Please call  (718) 822-2049.

News from State Senator Jeff Klein.

Volume 3, Issue 1,    January 2013.

Dear Friend,

It’s a new year and we’ve hit the ground running. On our first official week of work, the legislature passed my comprehensive gun control legislation with overwhelming bipartisan support. Within the first two days of the 2013-2014 legislative session, both the New York Senate and the Assembly passed the toughest gun control law in the country with overwhelming, bipartisan support. The NY SAFE Act bans all new assault weapons, closes loopholes in background checks when buying guns, reduces the number of permissible clips in a magazine from 10 to 7 and increases penalties for illegal gun possession.

I am most proud of a provision that will enable law enforcement to remove firearms from those individuals who, as a result of a severe mental illness, are a serious threat to the themselves or to others. This new law will keep firearms out of the hands of those patients who mental health professional have good reason to believe may harm someone. This comprehensive gun package seeks to protect New Yorkers from senseless gun violence while preserving and protecting every citizen’s Second Amendment rights.

The start of this year’s legislative session was particularly important to me, as I was elected President Pro Tempore and Co-Leader of the Senate chamber.

In these new roles we are now in an even stronger position to pass meaningful legislation that will move New York forward. As in the past I look forward to doing so on a bi partisan basis.

Latino Diabetes Awareness Movement

Earlier this week, I joined members of the Hispanic Federation and leaders of Mount Sinai medical center in bringing attention to the issue of diabetes in the Latino community here in the area. The press conference preceded the Latino Diabetes Awareness Day on Thursday, January 17, in which 10 medical centers offered free diabetes testing across the Bronx. I am also honored to take part in their new educational campaign highlighting the five steps in preventing and treating diabetes.

Free Hockey Clinic Program Launch

On Wednesday, January 16th, I attended the launch of the free hockey clinic program in the Bronx. The hockey clinic program is offered through a partnership between Madison Square Garden’s New York Rangers, Coca-Cola, NYC Department of Parks, the Boys and Girls Club and local YMCA sites. Serving over 2,500 New York City children, this free hockey clinic program promotes physical activity, teamwork and overall health, while introducing young Bronxites to the sport of hockey.

Project Boost

Last week, I met with teachers, principals and counselors at 11 schools across the Bronx and Westchester participating in the Project Boost program through the Center for Educational Innovation. Project Boost provides funding to schools for supplemental activities that allow teachers to expand their curriculum and enhance the learning experience for students. Recipients of Project Boost funding shared what projects they had developed. This new funding enables schools to now offer everything from ballroom lessons to experiencing authentic Chinese cuisine. I am proud to have been able to provide funding to this program and look forward to seeing these programs in action throughout the spring.

New York State Senator Jeff Klein

Constituent Corner
Getting Electricity Back – Just in Time for Christmas.
Donna of the Bronx contacted my office following difficulty in getting her electricity back after it had been shut off due to Sandy. Her electricity provider, ConEdison, would not turn on her electricity without authorization from the Department of Buildings (DOB). Our office found that DOB had listed her building under the incorrect address because her residence was on two lots and Donna had listed it on one address, while DOB had her at another. After our office rectified this, DOB authorized ConEdison to turn her lights back on, but unfortunately it was too late on a Friday for her to get electricity that weekend. With our persistence, Donna got electricity first thing Monday morning – just in time for the Christmas holiday.
Events:   On Wednesday January 30th, we will be meeting with residents to discuss electrical issues following Superstorm Sandy.
WHO: Pelham Utility Task Force Meeting
WHEN: 6 – 9 PM

WHERE: Daronco Town House, 20 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, NY 10803

RSVP: Call our office at 718-822-2049 or email Mike Grubiak at grubiak@nysenate.gov to attend or learn more.

On Thursday, January 31st,    Fleetwood Senior Group will have their second meeting to discuss Elder Law, following a lunch.

WHO: Fleetwood Senior Group Meeting

WHEN: 12 – 1 PM

WHERE: Sinai Free Synagogue, 550 N. Columbus Ave, Mt. Vernon, NY

RSVP: Call our office at 718-822-2049 or email Mike Grubiak at grubiak@nysenate.gov to attend or learn more.

On Saturday February 23rd, we will celebrate Black History Month with our annual breakfast.

WHAT: Annual Black History Month Breakfast

WHERE: Villa Barone Manor 737 Throggs Neck Expressway Bronx, New York 10465

RSVP: Call our office at 718-822-2049

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Yonkers, NY – Piedad Abreu, a local business owner and community leader running for election as County Legislator, received the unanimous support today from the Executive Board of the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester.

“Piedad Abreu, a longtime community activist, has the right sense of priorities and the energy and ability to have a positive impact for change in the community,” said Robin Bikkal, founder and co-chair of the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester. “She has vowed to work to restore damaging social services and day care cuts while also working to create jobs and bring public improvements to the community. Piedad has a long record of community involvement in the City of Yonkers and wide respect from the local constituency. We are proud to support her and look forward to joining her campaign.”

Abreu, who has lived in southwest Yonkers for twenty-three years, is competing in a Democratic primary race against incumbent Virginia Perez. In May, Abreu was endorsed by the Yonkers Democratic City Committee at a mini-convention in which Perez failed to attend.

Bikkal added that the legislative district Perez currently serves “has been neglected in every way by County government, and as it has a significant population of Hispanics and those in need, the district deserves honest and competent representation. Instead of addressing the district’s needs, the incumbent, Virginia Perez, has proved herself a Democrat in name only, as she has sided with Republicans to cut the social services and day care availability that her constituents need. We feel strongly that she has failed in her responsibilities while defying the compassion of her heritage.”

Abreu thanked the Executive Board of the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester for its support and welcomed their assistance.

“It’s time the residents of Southwest Yonkers had a strong, reliable voice on the County Board of Legislators,” said Abreu. “They deserve an untiring advocate for their needs rather than a backroom participant in bad deals that have hurt our community.”

Last week, Abreu won the endorsements of the Westchester Putnam Central Labor Body and Civil Service Employee Association Locals 860 and 9169.

Piedad Abreu, candidate for Westchester County Board Legislator in the Democratic Primary to Southwest Yonkers’ 17th District is earning support from organized labor.

Piedad Abreu maintains incumbent Legislstor Perez voted to advance a bill to give raises as high as 17% to three County Commissioners, who are already at the top of the County pay scale. Abreau suggest that action is perceived as an insult to the rank and file of the county workers who are without a contract and no raise since 2011.

Piedad Abreu asserts she will give voice and advocate for job creation and work to prevent layoffs.

Ms. Abreu has been endorsed by The Westchester Putnam Central Labor Body, The Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Locals 860 and 9169.

The Central Labor Body represents thousands of workers in many member unions from the public and private sector of the AFL-CIO. Local 860 of the CSEA represents most Westchester County workers. CSEA Local 9169 represents workers in the Yonkers School District.

“I am proud to have the endorsements of these three major labor organizations. I look forward to working together with them on behalf of workers and to retain existing jobs and create new ones”, said candidate Abreu.


At the Westchester County Board of Legislators meeting on June 15th Legislator Virginia Perez again joined with the Republicans on the County Board to deny funding to agencies shut out by the Astorino administration’s bungling of youth funding.

Piedad Abreu, candidate for the 17th County Legislative District said, “the people of Yonkers deserve a County Legislator who will advocate for these critical programs that provide essential services to at-risk youth.  Ms. Perez has again sided with the Astorino administration in cutting services and increasing costs to families in the 17th District.”

Perez has been silent while the Astorino administration hijacked the transparent process for distributing over 2 million dollars appropriated to Invest in Kids.  Long standing programs were unceremoniously swept away and requests for information on the selections made have been denied.

“Sunshine is the best cleanser, and I will make sure that the people understand how decisions were made with public money.  Thousands of Westchester’s youth will not be served because of Ms. Perez’s vote”, said Abreu


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