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Yonkers Insider Editorial: Michael Rotanelli, Democrat for Yonkers City Council President.

Posted on: July 25, 2013

We endorse Michael Rotanelli for Yonkers City Council President.

We announce our Endorsement of Michael Rotanelli for Yonkers City
Council President.

We support and like, Mr Rotanelli’s Platform of him being supportive of Affordable Housing, for creating Smart Development in Our City and also the jobs that go along with those Development Projects and also how the Yonkers City Budget impacts the Quality of Life for the Youth of our City, since they are the future of Yonkers.

Rotanelli is tested in the political arena with the last race he ran
under his belt for Yonkers City Council 3rd District from 2 years ago,
that campaign was a very grassroots, active and run with the spirit of
returning our City of Yonkers back to the City of Gracious Living once

This City needs a proven leader as our next City Council President,
someone who knows the issues and most importantly knows our city
inside and out.

We need a City Council President who will be the voice of the people
and also will be someone who will stand up no matter what issue and
always make sure that Council President put our city above politics as
usual and also above any self promotion and on the Democratic Side of
the Aisle, the candidate who you think about with those qualities in
spades is Michael Rotanelli and that is why we endorse him in the
strongest terms in this race for Yonkers City Council President.

The thing that separates Rotanelli from the other Candidates in this race is his passion, fire in the belly, being a life long resident of Yonkers and also his love for our City and his belief that the City of Yonkers greatest days are still ahead of us in the future.

We endorse Michael Rotanelli as the Yonkers City Council President in
the strongest terms, Rotanelli is the leader with business sense who believes that Yonkers City Government should be run like a business.

We also feel that Rotanelli is the best hope for the Dems to keep the
Office of Yonkers City Council President and the Majority of The
Yonkers City Council in the hands of the Yonkers Democrats.

We need to Elect Michael Rotanelli as our Yonkers City Council President and bring new leadership to the office of The Yonkers City Council President. It is time to put our City first ahead of Politics as Usual.

This Editorial is the sole opinion of The Yonkers Insider.

The Yonkers Insider

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Yonkers is governed via a mayor-council system. The council consists of six members each elected from one of six districts. The mayor and city council president are elected in a citywide vote.

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