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Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body
2011 Candidate Endorsements

Mahopac Town Council
Peter Creegan (D/C)

Mayor of Yonkers
Michael Spano (D/WF/C)

Supreme Court Justice, 9th Judicial District
Edward Borrelli (R/C)

Supreme Court Justice, 9th Judicial District
Robert DiBella (D/R/C/I)

Village of Ossining Trustee
Manuel Quezada (D/WF/I)

Village of Ossining Trustee
Robert Daraio (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator, District 1
John Testa (R/C/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 2
Peter Harckham (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 3
John Nonna (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 4
Michael Kaplowitz (D/WF/)

Westchester County Legislator District 7
Judy Myers (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 10
John Fitzpatrick (D/WF)

Westchester County Legislator District 12
MaryJane Shimsky (D/WF)

Westchester County Legislator District 13
Lyndon Williams (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 14
George Kevgas (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 16
Kenneth Jenkins (D/WF/I)

Westchester County Legislator District 17
Jose Alvarado (WF/I)

Yonkers City Council District 1
Christopher Johnson (D)

Yonkers City Council District 3
Michael Sabatino (D/WF/I)

Yorktown Town Councilman
David Paganelli (R/C/I/)

Michael Rotanelli to run Write In for Yonkers City Council – 3rd District.

Michael Rotanelli has decided to launch a Write-In Campaign for the Yonkers City Council 3rd District Seat. Rotanelli had lost The
Democratic Party Primary to Michael Sabatino, Rotanelli finished a strong third place.

Rotanelli states that the people who supported him in the Primary. Those voters continue to call him stay in the race through November and they tell Rotanelli that they need a candidate they can trust.

Rotanelli is a Yonkers Businssman who owns Transit Towing and Auto Body. The other candidates in this race are: Republican Michael Meyer and Democrat, Indpendence and Working Families Party Candidate, Michael Sabatino.

When voters go to the polls these days, rather than pull a lever on the old huge mechanical voting machines, they mark a paper ballot, then slip it into a reader.  The vote is recorded.

The new system should make it easier for the Board of Elections to tally votes and call an election.  The new system also allows anyone with a pen to write in the name of a worthy candidate who does not have the backing of the political parties.

This new system is made for a candidate like Michael Rotanelli and his being not for sale to the typical politics as usual. Let’s not forget that Rotanelli on his campaign literature from the primary, stated that Rotanelli “was unbought and unbossed”.

Rotanelli is an independent minded candidate, who is not anyone’s puppet and he will be the people’s voice if elected to The Yonkers City Council.

Rotanelli further states that he is the the people’s candidate and that he is going to encourage all voters who are fed up with politics
as usual to write in Michael Rotanelli on election day.

We will keep our readers posted on this most important, Yonkers City Council – 3rd District race.

For more info on Michael Rotanelli’s Campaign, Link To:

The Yonkers Insider

Please go to our website for an invitation to come to Head Quarters, 837 Midland Ave., Yonkers, NY at the conclusion of the Columbus Parade, aproximately 2:30 p.m., for Coffee, Cookies and Cannolis compliments of our campaign.

Dear Friend:

Having just returned from Israel on Monday, to those gathering to observe Rosh Hashanah, I extend my best wishes for a healthy and prosperous New Year to all of those celebrating the holiday.

From me and my family to you and yours, let the new year bring you health and happiness.

“L’Shana Tova.”

All the Best,

Ken Jenkins

Westchester County Legislator – 16th District


 Rob Astorino endorses John Murtagh for Yonkers Mayor.

Calling him “the one, the only real conservative in the race,” Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino today endorsed John Murtagh for Yonkers Mayor.

“John Murtagh is the kind of conservative reformer Yonkers needs,” said Astorino, who made the endorsement with Murtagh present at 11:30 AM today at Cook Field on Cook Avenue in Yonkers.

Astorino, who was elected in a major upset two years ago, added, “Taxpayers have cut corners and made sacrifices to get their families through the current economy, and they want a Mayor like John Murtagh, who will force city government to live within its means.”

Astorino applauded Murtagh for his pro-taxpayer record, noting, “John Murtagh set the right tone on day one as a city councilman when he refused a “free” city car. As Mayor, John Murtagh will bring commonsense solutions to the problems facing Yonkers. He’s tough, he’s fair, and he knows how to get things done. I look forward to working with him as your next mayor.”

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