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Source: Yonkers Rising.

Barry McGoey was once again elected by acclamation as the President of the Yonkers Firefighter’s Union, Local 628 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO.   Barry McGoey’s name was put into nomination and seconded unanimously by all in attendance at Local 628’s November 5, 2014 General Membership Meeting.  No other members of Local 628 nominated themselves or nominated someone else to challenge Barry McGoey in an election for President of the Yonkers Firefighters.  McGoey will serve another 3 year term of office commencing on January 1, 2015 and ending on December 31, 2017.

President McGoey had also been similarly elected by acclamation in 2010 and again in 2012.  Prior to being elected President of Local 628, Barry served as Vice President for approximately 5 years, which included two stints as Acting President.

“I am extremely grateful and proud to represent the men and women of the Yonkers Fire Department and thank them for the trust they have bestowed upon me” said McGoey.  “I look forward to continuing to do my best to represent each of the Yonkers Firefighters and I remain mindful that I not only represent individual members, but also their families and loved ones who rely upon them.  The Yonkers Fire Department is a family and Local 628 is a family of many families.”

In 2012 Barry was named one of the Top 50 Irish Labor Leaders in the United States by the Irish Echo newspaper and in 2013 Barry was honored by the Yonkers Exchange Club for his leadership and public service.  In 2014 Barry was the honored guest at the Yonkers Police Athletic League’s (PAL) Annual Luncheon and at the Aishling Irish Community Center’s Annual Dinner Dance.



Laborers Were Cheated Out Of More Than $200,000 On Port Authority Construction Job At JFK Airport

NEW YORK — Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the conviction and sentencing of Leonid Fridman for failing to pay legally required wages to his workers on a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey construction project. Fridman pled guilty to the felony crimes of grand larceny in the second degree and violation of prevailing wage requirements of New York State Labor Law.  As a condition of the plea, Fridman agreed to pay $200,000 in restitution to underpaid workers and prohibition from working on public works projects for five years.  Fridman was sentenced to five years of probation.

“Mr. Fridman is being held accountable for stealing wages from workers who renovated parts of JFK,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “My office will continue to take strong action, including filing criminal charges, against employers who violate New York’s labor laws, steal taxpayer dollars and violate the public trust.”

Based upon court filings and statements in court, Fridman, 60, owned and operated Millennium Commercial Corp., a Brooklyn-based company that performed tile work. The defendant and his company, located at 200 Brighton 15th St., performed tile restoration work as a subcontractor on the renovation of the TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Airport in 2009 and 2010. Under the Port Authority contract for the project and the Labor Law, the defendant was required to pay his employees over $50 per hour for Laborers and Mason Tenders and over $70 per hour for Tile Setters. Fridman was aware that he was required to pay the prevailing wages but still paid some of his workers as little as $10 per hour.

To avoid detection, Fridman filed false certified payroll reports stating he paid his workers the prevailing wages, and also issued paychecks to the workers that matched those payroll reports.

Michael Nestor, Inspector General for the Port Authority of NY & NJ, said, “Companies doing business with municipalities, state agencies and authorities are legally bound to pay their employees the fair and prevailing wage.  In this case, the defendant chose to enrich himself at the expense of his own workers. Today’s sentencing will serve notice to all contractors that the Port Authority of NY & NJ will not tolerate wage fraud or any other criminal misconduct on public projects.  The Port Authority Office of Inspector General and its Law Enforcement partners will aggressively identify, investigate and bring to justice those who corrupt the integrity of the construction industry.”

Fridman pled guilty to one count each of Grand Larceny, a class “C” felony, and  Failing to Pay the Prevailing Wage in violation of Labor Law § 220(3)(d)(i)(3), a class “D” felony.

New York’s prevailing wage law seeks to ensure that government contractors pay wages that are comparable to the local norms for a given trade. The law requires an hourly rate for construction work performed for public agencies, along with benefits, and also higher wages for overtime, weekends or work at night.

The Honorable Dorothy Chin-Brandt of Queens Supreme Court sentenced the defendant to 5 years of probation and to pay $200,000 in restitution for the workers he underpaid.

This case was investigated by Investigator Robert Ward, Investigator Mark Fionda and Forensic Auditor Tiffany Coles of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Office of the Inspector General, under the supervision of Acting Director of Investigations Steven Pasichow and Assistant Director of Investigations Salvatore Dalessandro and Supervisory Police Investigator Jeffrey Schaffler.

The Attorney General thanks the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Office of the Inspector General for its investigation and assistance in the prosecution.

New York Office of the Attorney General Supervising Investigator Luis Carter and Deputy Chief Vito Spano also participated in the investigation.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Holt. The Labor Bureau Section Chief is Richard Balletta.  The Bureau Chief is Terri Gerstein, and the Bureau is overseen by Executive Deputy Attorney General for Social Justice Alvin Bragg.



November 10 to November 14,  2014


Schneiderman Applauds Nomination Of Loretta Lynch As U.S. Attorney General

Attorney General Schneiderman congratulated U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch on receiving President Obama’s nomination as United States Attorney General last week. He praised their work together to protect New Yorkers over the past four years, including their efforts to recover millions of Medicaid dollars from unscrupulous actors. He also applauded her commitment to “ensuring there is one set of rules for everyone and to defending the principle of equal justice for all.”

Schneiderman Offers Tips To Help Consumers Compare Health Care Plans During NYS Marketplace Open Enrollment

With the open enrollment period on the New York State of Health Marketplace now begun, Attorney General Schneiderman has made available a brochure offering tips to New Yorkers buying health insurance coverage for 2015. Specifically, the Attorney General encourages consumers to confirm that their key health care providers participate in a plan before enrolling — or that they are still participating in a plan before re-enrolling.

Schneiderman Warns Consumers Of State Tax Debt Collection Scams

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a consumer alert following recent reports of scammers posing as debt collectors seeking to settle alleged outstanding state tax debts, pressuring consumers into sending payments via money order to satisfy debts that the consumers may not actually owe. Attorney General Schneiderman reminded New Yorkers that both federal and state tax authorities only send notifications in writing. Consumers should be wary of demands for tax payment via phone, especially if the caller suggests the use of a money order to remit payment.


Schneiderman Expands Accommodations For Deaf And Hard-of-Hearing Patients At Finger Lakes Health Network

With 60,000 residents of the Finger Lakes region who are either deaf or have serious difficulty hearing, Attorney General Schneiderman reached an agreement with the Finger Lakes Health network to ensure their access to health care is not impeded by their disability. The Finger Lakes Health network of hospitals and healthcare facilities will strengthen its policies concerning communication with patients and their family members or companions who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The agreement will expand access to sign-language interpreters, as needed, and improve policies and training to ensure that medical staff members are able to effectively communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.


Schneiderman Secures Guilty Plea And Prison Term For Bronx Fraudster In Multi-Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Attorney General Schneiderman secured the conviction of Bob Van Zandt, a Bronx-based tax preparer who pleaded guilty to operating a $4.8 million, multi-year Ponzi scheme. Van Zandt’s scheme robbed his victims of their life savings, forcing some of them to re-enter the workplace after their retirement and others to rely on government assistance to survive. He will serve up to 11 years in prison for his crimes.

Schneiderman Arrests Doctor And Nurse In Alleged Fraud Scheme Affecting Hundreds Of Homebound Elderly

In Dutchess County, Attorney General Schneiderman’s office charged medical doctor Jeanine Santiago and registered nurse Wendy Potter with conspiring for Potter to provide physician services to hundreds of Santiago’s elderly and infirm homebound patients. Santiago allegedly gave Potter blank and pre-signed prescription slips issued in Santiago’s name and that Potter, in her sole discretion, filled out the prescriptions, including for powerful narcotics, and gave them to Santiago’s patients. Santiago is further charged with defrauding Medicare of more than $50,000 and Medicaid more than $1,000 by submitting claims for more expensive physician services which were in fact provided by a nurse.

Schneiderman Offers Assistance To Local Governments In Drafting Rules To Curb Animal Abuse At Puppy Mills

As part of his Animal Protection Initiative, Attorney General Schneiderman sent letters to 1,034 municipal and local governments offering guidance in drafting enforceable laws that will help curb animal abuse by so-called “puppy mills” and pet retail stores, and, ultimately, expand the standards for animal welfare in New York State. The Attorney General’s Office seeks to help local governments implement a new state law that, for the first time, provides a mechanism for local officials to protect New York consumers, who have the right to know that their cats and dogs are healthy when they purchase them and that they were raised in a safe place.


Scammers Impersonating Debt Collectors, Pocketing Debt Payments

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric Schneiderman today issued a consumer alert following recent reports of bogus tax debt collection scams. The New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate has reported recent fraudulent activity by scammers posing as debt collectors seeking to settle alleged outstanding state tax debts. The scammers are pressuring consumers into sending payments via money order to satisfy debts that the consumers may not actually owe.

“Middle class families across New York State work hard to support their families and we don’t want them to get ripped off by scammers,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “Consumers should be wary of any telephone solicitation asking them to send money and should always request appropriate documentation in writing.”

Attorney General Schneiderman has received a variety of complaints about tax-related consumer scams. This latest scheme involves scammers telling consumers they owe a tax debt to the state, which may not actually exist, and then promising to settle the alleged debt for a fraction of the cost that they claim is owed. Some of the calls have been reported as coming from the number 305-507-8505.

Scammers are reportedly using high-pressure tactics to intimidate consumers into purchasing money orders to satisfy debts and then instructing them to call back for instructions on how to submit the payment. Both federal and state tax authorities send notifications in writing. Consumers should be wary of demands for tax payment via phone, especially if the caller suggests the use of a money order to remit payment.

Attorney General Schneiderman is urging New Yorkers to be vigilant consumers and to report instances of fraud to his office. Consumers who believe they have been victims of any tax scams are urged to file complaints by visiting the Office’s website or calling 1-800-771-7755.

In an effort to help New Yorkers avoid various tax-themed scams, the Attorney General’s Office offered the following tips:

  • The IRS and legitimate government agencies never demand payment by phone;
  • If you owe money, you will receive a legitimate notice in writing that identifies the agency and the reason you owe money;
  • Do not give out personal information, including your Social Security number or bank account information, to telephone callers;
  • Legitimate government organizations will never threaten arrest or deportation for failure to pay a debt.

Some additional websites with helpful information include:

Internal Revenue Service

New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate

NYS Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs


Owner Of The Van Zandt Agency Pleads Guilty To Securities Fraud, Grand Larceny And Scheme To Defraud; Robert H. Van Zandt Will Be Sentenced to 3 2/3 To 11 Years In Prison

Schneiderman: Hardworking People Put Their Trust In Van Zandt Only To Have Their Life Savings Stolen

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the conviction of Robert H. “Bob” Van Zandt, a Bronx-based tax preparer who pleaded guilty to operating a $4.8 million, multi-year Ponzi scheme. Van Zandt pleaded guilty to the 33-count indictment lodged against him, including two counts of Securities Fraud under the Martin Act (a Class E felony), 29 counts of Grand Larceny in the Second and Third Degrees (Class C and D felonies, respectively) and two counts of Scheme to Defraud in the First Degree (a Class E felony). Van Zandt pleaded guilty in Bronx County Supreme Court before the Honorable Justice Martin Marcus. In exchange for his plea, entered late yesterday afternoon, to the indictment, Justice Marcus agreed to sentence Van Zandt to 3 2/3 to 11 years in prison.

“Securities fraud is a serious crime which my office will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “Mr. Van Zandt stole his victims’ life savings, forcing some of them to re-enter the workplace after their retirement and others to rely on government assistance to survive. The perpetrators of this and other Ponzi schemes will face justice.”

According to the indictment and statements made by prosecutors, Van Zandt ran the Van Zandt Agency, a well-known tax-preparation business in the Bronx, for decades. Starting in 2007, Van Zandt began accepting investments from tax preparation clients. In many cases, these investors handed over their entire life savings to Van Zandt. Van Zandt solicited money from unsuspecting clients, promising guaranteed rates of returns. Starting in approximately 2008, Van Zandt’s alleged investment opportunities turned into a purely Ponzi-style scheme. Van Zandt guaranteed high rates of return to new investors, promising to invest their money in lucrative securities, including real estate projects that were, in fact, impossible to build. This money was not invested as promised, but rather was used to pay previous investors or diverted for personal expenditures. This scheme fraudulently raised more than $4.8 million between 2008 and 2012 from the 29 investors named in the indictment.

Van Zandt abused his position as a manager of a tax preparations business to identify and lure new investors, targeting victims who had large amounts of money available, such as retirement funds, savings, inheritances or settlements. Van Zandt made materially false representations and failed to disclose material facts to his investors in order to induce them to make investments, which ranged from $25,000 to nearly $900,000.

The funds were deposited into accounts affiliated with the Van Zandt Agency or controlled by Van Zandt and then commingled and transferred between accounts as needed to pay investors, business expenses, and for Van Zandt’s personal use. Contrary to the promissory notes or shareholder agreements that Van Zandt gave to his victims, the funds were never legitimately invested. In particularly egregious cases, although Van Zandt promised that investment funds would be used to purchase government bonds or corporate securities, no such bonds or securities were ever purchased for the victims.

Van Zandt is set to be sentenced on January 5.

The case stems from an investigation initiated by the Attorney General’s Investor Protection Bureau in 2010. A civil lawsuit, filed by the Investor Protection Bureau in 2012 against Van Zandt and other individual and corporate defendants, is still pending. The Attorney General’s civil lawsuit seeks $35 million in restitution for over 250 investors defrauded in the scheme, including the 29 investors named in the criminal indictment.

The case was a result of a joint investigation by the Attorney General’s Office and the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS).  DFS Investigator Robert Tarwacki of the Criminal Investigations Bureau provided invaluable assistance to the investigation. The director of the Criminal Investigations Bureau is Ricardo Velez.  Benjamin M. Lawsky is the superintendent of The New York State Department of Financial Services. The Attorney General thanked Superintendent Lawsky and his staff for their assistance in this investigation.

The Attorney General’s investigation was handled by Investigator Edward Ortiz, Supervising Investigator Luis Carter and Deputy Chief Investigator Vito Spano. The Investigations Bureau is led by Chief Dominick Zarrella.

This criminal case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorneys General Joseph G. D’Arrigo and Lee Bergstein, of the Attorney General’s Criminal Enforcement and Financial Crimes Bureau, with the assistance of Legal Analysts Natasha Butalia and Bradley Rutty and Supervising Analyst Paul Strocko. The bureau is led by Bureau Chief Gary T. Fishman and Deputy Bureau Chiefs Stephanie Swenton and Meryl Lutsky. The Division of Criminal Justice is led by Executive Deputy Attorney General Kelly Donovan.

The civil case is being handled by Assistant Attorney General R. Verle Johnson.  The Investor Protection Bureau is led by Bureau Chief Chad Johnson and Deputy Bureau Chief Katherine Milgram. The Division of Economic Justice is led by Executive Deputy Attorney General Karla G. Sanchez.


Guidance Offered As New York State Law For The First Time Gives Municipalities Right To Regulate Pet Stores And Puppy Mills

Schneiderman: New Yorkers Value Their Pets As Companions And Are Entitled To Know They Were Raised In A Safe And Healthy Environment

ALBANY – As part of his Animal Protection Initiative, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that his office is offering guidance to local governments interested in drafting enforceable laws that will help curb animal abuse by so-called “puppy mills” and pet retail stores, and, ultimately, expand the standards for animal welfare in New York State. The Attorney General’s Office seeks to help local governments implement a new state law that, for the first time, provides a mechanism for municipalities and county governments to protect consumers by regulating retail pet dealers and the breeders that supply them with cats and dogs.

Offering the assistance, Attorney General Schneiderman is sending letters to 1,034 municipal and local governments today informing them of the expanded powers available to them under the new state law to regulate animal welfare standards, and offering assistance drafting legislation that protects consumers and their pets.

“The legal backup we are offering will aid local officials who are seeking to protect vulnerable animals from abuse, and assure that pets sold to New Yorkers are healthy and free from mistreatment,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “New Yorkers value their pets as companions and are entitled to know that they came from sources that treated them in a safe and healthy manner. By working with municipalities, we will help ensure that New Yorkers can be confident that their cats and dogs are healthy when they purchase them and that they were raised in a safe place.”

Puppy mills, a major concern for New Yorkers, are large-scale breeding operations where pets are raised in squalid conditions and frequently mistreated, leaving these animals susceptible to illness, hereditary defects and other health problems. Substandard conditions in these breeding operations contribute to overcrowding at our animal shelters, disease, exorbitant veterinary bills, and even falsified pedigree information. New Yorkers deserve to know that their cherished pets were not subjected to abuse.

The Attorney General’s guidance is also focused on pet stores. Pet retailers are of concern because of substandard conditions at some stores, and because many pet stores get puppies and kittens from large-scale puppy mill operations – making retail stores the main link between unscrupulous puppy mill operations and consumers. The new law, passed in January, allows municipalities to strengthen what have been weak documentation requirements and disclosure requirements by retailers to consumers who are often unaware of this connection. The new state law ended a preemption that barred municipal and local governments from regulating pet dealers at the local level, and it allows them to impose tougher standards than the state imposes.

In his letter, Attorney General Schneiderman highlighted several areas of regulation that are particularly important, including more stringent minimum standards of care for the housing, feeding, veterinary care, exercise, and sanitation of animals; strict documentation requirements to prevent consumers from being misled as to the source of their pets; and effective protections for consumers who unwittingly purchase an animal with undisclosed health problems.

Under the new law, local governments may, among other rules, issue or require:

  • Permits for local pet dealers, allowing municipalities to more accurately monitor the conditions and regulate the sources of animals sold in their area;
  • Inspection of pet sellers;
  • Pet sellers, as well as for breeders or middlemen through which sellers acquire animals, to abide by more stringent minimum standards of care;
  • More stringent minimum standards of access to food and water, nutritional value, cleanliness, and feeding times; daily minimums for exercise and prohibitions on forced methods; veterinary care and recordkeeping;
  • Delegation of enforcement to a local not-for-profit animal welfare organization;
  • Consumer protection rules, including access to health and source information for animals; refunds, exchanges or veterinary care reimbursement for animals with undisclosed health issues.

The Attorney General’s assistance is aimed at helping local governments that want help writing enforceable legislation. By offering local governments the ability to draft legislation, the state law allows a tailored response to the needs of communities and puts enforcement in the hands of those with the ground-level knowledge and resources to best protect the welfare of our companion animals. The work of the Attorney General is aimed at giving New Yorkers the confidence of knowing that their state is at the forefront of efforts to protect animals from abuse.

Bill Ketzer, the ASPCA’s senior state director for the Northeastern Region, said, “The ASPCA worked tirelessly last year to enact state legislation that allows municipalities to regulate pet dealers. We are thrilled that the Office of the Attorney General is making animal abuse a priority and reaching out to assist localities that may wish to take advantage of the new law and regulate local businesses. Puppy mill puppies should not be sold in New York’s pet stores and local pet sellers and breeders need to be required to treat their animals more humanely. We look forward to working with the Attorney General and the localities themselves to ensure that new ordinances improve the lives of these many dogs.”

Brian Shapiro, New York State director for The Humane Society of the United States, said, “Dogs and cats bred for the commercial pet trade are often raised in neglectful, substandard conditions and we encourage New York’s cities, towns and counties to pass legislation regulating pet dealers in their local communities. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the Attorney General’s offer to help draft sound, enforceable laws that protect our pets and consumers. We applaud Attorney General Schneiderman’s continued commitment to protecting the welfare of animals in New York State.”

The initiative is being directed by Marty Mack, who is the Executive Deputy Attorney General for Regional Offices, with the assistance of Assistant Attorney General Richard Yorke of the Attorney General’s Nassau Regional Office.

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.


NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued the following statement on President Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, as United States Attorney General.

“I congratulate U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch on receiving President Obama’s nomination as United States Attorney General. I am proud of our work together to protect New Yorkers over the past four years, including our success in recovering millions of Medicaid dollars from unscrupulous actors. U.S. Attorney Lynch has time and time again demonstrated her commitment to ensuring there is one set of rules for everyone and to defending the principle of equal justice for all. I look forward to seeing her continue to uphold these most important tenets in her new position, and I urge the Senate to confirm her appointment as soon as possible.”


Purchasing Health Insurance Coverage On NYS Healthcare Marketplace Starts November 15; Review Details Of Your Current Plan And Directory Of Participating Providers; Double Check That Your Doctor Is “In-Network” For The Plan You Select

Schneiderman: We Will Take Action To Ensure Consumers Have Access To Accurate Provider Directories When Comparing Health Plans

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today issued a brochure offering tips to New Yorkers buying health insurance coverage for 2015. The pamphlet, titled “Shopping For Health Insurance Coverage,” is being released in advance of the New York State of Health Marketplace’s open enrollment period, which begins November 15. The Marketplace is the only official health insurance exchange for New York established under the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare).

In anticipation of the upcoming open enrollment period, Attorney General Schneiderman, in particular, encourages consumers to confirm that their key health care providers participate in a plan before enrolling — or that they are still participating in a plan before re-enrolling.

“Take the time during the upcoming open enrollment period to evaluate available plans. I am urging you to do this even if you are happy with your current health plan because your plan, and other plans, may have changed,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “I also strongly urge New York consumers not to rely solely on provider lists offered by insurance companies. Call the insurance company you are considering, as well as your providers, to confirm that they are in the plan’s network. Do this before you sign up. It’s a quick and easy way to protect your family’s health and your wallet.”

The Attorney General’s brochure offers important information for all New Yorkers shopping for health insurance, whether they are considering purchasing health coverage for the first time, re-enrolling in their existing plan, or switching into a new health plan. The New York State of Health Marketplace first offered New Yorkers access to affordable health insurance coverage in 2014, and approximately 960,000 New Yorkers enrolled in the first year.

Open enrollment through New York State of Health begins on November 15, 2014, and New Yorkers seeking coverage effective January 1, 2015 must enroll by December 15.  Once open enrollment begins, you will be able to review all available health insurance plans, as well as determine what premium tax credits, or subsidies, you may be eligible for to reduce the cost of your monthly premiums. Take this opportunity to review all available plans. Prior to enrolling, take some time to: (1) identify your health needs for the upcoming year; (2) consider your budget; and (3) based on your identified health needs and budget priorities, compare the available plans to evaluate how they satisfy those needs.

The Attorney General’s Office encourages all New Yorkers shopping for health insurance to take the following steps when evaluating their health care providers:

1) Check and Confirm Your Provider’s Participation Status With the Insurance Company

  • As a first step, check the list of participating providers made available by the health plan you’re considering.
    • Health plans typically make lists of their participating providers available on their websites, sometimes through a search tool.
    • You can also search through the New York State of Health website if you are planning to enroll through the Marketplace.
  • Next, if your providers are listed as participating, call the insurance company directly and ask a representative to confirm that your providers are participating in particular plans.
  • Keep in mind that health insurance companies often offer several different health plans, and the different plans may have different participating provider networks.  Make sure you’re searching and asking about the right plans.

2) Check With Your Providers

  • Even if the insurance company confirms the provider’s participation in the plan, call your providers so they can confirm as well.  Do not just rely on information posted on the provider’s website, as it may not be current.

3) Document All Searches and Conversations

  • Document all online searches and calls, even if both the plan and provider confirm participation in the plan.
  • If you have conducted an online search of a provider directory, print or save the results of that search.
  • If you speak with a health plan representative or provider, make sure to write down when you called, with whom you spoke, the providers discussed, and what you were told about each provider’s participation status.
  • If a provider turns out to be incorrectly listed as participating, but you have taken these steps, you will be in a better position to obtain reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the inaccurate listing and/or temporarily continue treatment with that provider.

If you encounter inaccurate provider listings once you are enrolled in a plan and cannot access needed care from that provider, contact the Health Care Bureau Helpline for assistance: 1-800-428-9071.


City of Mount Vernon, NY

Get Ready for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, the official beginning of the holiday season, has everyone getting ready for holiday parties and loads of eats; shopping and plenty of drinks. The demands of the season can place a toll on just about anyone. During this time of giving thanks and celebration remember that resources are available to help those facing difficulty. Don’t forget to be holiday smart starting now. That means, take precautions when shopping, traveling and leaving your home unattended. We’ll share some great safety tips in upcoming editions.

Library to Show Film Glory 
County Mobil Shredder Coming Saturday, November 22
The Westchester County Mobile Shredder will be making a stop at the Municipal Parking Lot on 5th Avenue and 2nd Street on Saturday, November 22. Residents can have confidential papers shredded a no cost on  a first come, first served basis between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  A maximum of four boxes per resident will be allowed.

Get Ready for
the Holidays
Give the Gift of Pango
  Pango, the new parking payment system that allows you to pay by phone

Ernest D. Davis, Mayor


A break on the 48″ Kensico line that supplies water to Mount Vernon is affecting all of Mt Vernon & northeast Yonkers (Low Service areas).  There is about 3 MGD coming into Mount Vernon from the Springer Ave connection.  Normal flow at this time is about 9.5MGD. Crews are diligently attempting to close the Springer Avenue connection and open the Hillview connection.  Water is expected to flow normally by 12:00 noon today.


The public is advised to conserve water while the backup supply is being opened.




Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest D. Davis Delivers

Annual State of the City Address


Mount Vernon, New York, March 21, 2013 – Mayor Davis will deliver his 2013 State of the City address at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. This marks the second address the mayor will give since returning to office.

The Mayor will provide the community with an update on facts, figures and new developments and stress the importance of communication, collaboration and cooperation in the coming months.

Some announcements the Mayor will expand on during his speech include:

  • ·         Updates on projects long in the development stage such as Memorial Field and the Atlantic Project
    • ·        Infrastructure improvements
    • ·        Economic
    • ·        Development projects and proposals

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
7:00 p.m.

Mount Vernon City Hall
Council Chambers – 2nd Floor
1 Roosevelt Square

Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the address as seating is limited. For additional information please contact Shari Harris at 914-665-2572.


Power Up for Almost Everyone – 11/10/2012

As of this morning, 162 customers are still without power. Con Edison crews are working on 2 main areas of concern:

Hutchinson Boulevard Area - Some homes along Hutchinson Boulevard and Hillcrest Road are still experiencing power outage. Work at an intersection to replace a pole is expected to commence and power will hopefully be restored to a small number of customers.

Washington Street Loop - Trouble in area still affecting a few customers on 400 block of East Prospect Avenue, Sidney Avenue and Darwood Place may have been resolved late last evening.

The city is also hopeful that the following areas can be addressed in addition to a number of single service outages that have been reported.

Additional outage areas to be addressed:

Columbus Avenue - Entire city block encompassing operations of Spraylat Corporations remains out of power until central office authorizes changing of fuses on 13,000 volt transformer – switching issue. Situation has been deemed priority.

Dock Street/Edison Avenue - Pumping Station scheduled for restoration attempt as situation has been deemed priority.

South Third Avenue - A small number of homes in the 500 block are without power due to a blown transformer. Attempt will be made to change 6,000 volt fuse – Restoration without central office switching is possible.

While we are hopeful of getting citywide power restored by the end of the day, there may be a small number of instances where power cannot be restored.

Remember, if you continue to experience a power outage call Con Edison to regenerate a service ticket. The system will automatically remove your address if there was a area outage and the main problem has been resolved.

Also, remember your service may not be connected if there is a problem not associated with Con Edison equipment. Call your elecrician to check your equipment if you have been advised to do so by Con Edison.

Federal Disaster Assistance Now Available (Click Here For More Info.)


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Lights Coming Back On Across the City

Priority jobs are wrapping up and now Con Edison can focus attention on addressing single service issues which continue to keep some cutomers in the dark. Last evening’s unexpected nor’easter did not impede the progress of restoration although 2 trees fell last night and countless wires were hanging low this morning from the weight of wet snow.

There have been concern about hanging wires. Be reminded that other utility companiesalso service the city. We have been working directly with Con Edison to correct problems regarding their wires and service. Please contact your cable and/or telephone company to alert them of broken lines that may be affecting their services to you.


South 6th/7th Avenue/Kingsbridge Road - Poles will be replaced and wires rehung.

East Third Street - Fuse replaced. Power Restored.

South Columbus Avenue - Repair work to continue tomorrow to restore service.

Prospect Avenue/Portugal Place - Traffic light problem corrected.

It is possible for some customers to lose service for short periods of time as service is restored in areas. It is also possible for service to cut off after fuses are blown. Please report outages.

We know it has been tough for residents experiencing outages. Remember to contact Con Edison if you are without service as the system will automatically drop your complaint once service within your are has been restored. By calling you will reactivate your service ticket or generate one if you haven’t contacted them.

As of this posting approximately 97% of the city has been restored.

Federal Disaster Assistance Now Available (Click Here For More Info.)


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550


Con Edison is feverishly working in collaboration with the city’s Public Works, Fire and Police Departments to restore power to customers. Service to 4 schools will be restored today. All schools serving as polling places have been restored.

In the last 24 hours service has been restored to 145 customers (customers include single and multi-unit dwellings/businesses). As of this morning 76% of power outages have been restored throughout the city.

Storm apraisers have completed assessments and restoration efforts are in progress. Con Edison has 7 crews including 12 bucket trucks working mainly on the south side of the city. Work today involves repair work to 4 feeders (high voltage lines) supplying power to blocks of customers:

* Sandford Boulevard
* Washington Street
* Southside Loop

* MacQuesten Parkway

Work will also be performed in the following areas:

Garden Avenue - This area is the last of the priority cut and clear locations.

Restoration is already occurring.

Sycamore/Lorraine Avenue - crew is on site to perform restorations. Reports have been received that most Hillside Avenue customers are up and running.

MacQuesten Parkway - Primary wires are down. Awaiting restoration crews to begin restoration.

West Devonia/Packman Avenue - Primary wires down which resulted in major damage. Storm appraisers have completed assessments. Restoration efforts are in progress.

Con Edison Trouble Shooters are in neighborhoods to check circuits, change fuses, etc. As Con Edison is powering up some areas, there may be incidences where circuits are tripped. Please use extreme caution when coming upon any downed wires. The safest thing to do is to TREAT EVERY WIRE AS LIVE.


One of the hardest hit areas in the city, those living in the Central Parkway area will soon see restoration activity to replace and repair poles and lines. Poles and other items were delivered to the area today in preparation of such work beginning shortly.

Federal Disaster Assistance Now Available (Click Here For More Info.)


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550





The City of Mount Vernon has secured 1,500 pounds of dry ice from Con Edison for distribution to our residents.

Distribution will be from 2:30 pm in the parking lot behind city hall until supplies are exhausted. We only ask that those showing up be prepared to show proof of residence.

Federal Disaster Assistance Now Available (Click Here For More Info.)


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

City of Mount Vernon, NY Announces




Phase 1

Con Edison’s work to restore power to the community is nearing completion. The City’s Public Works Department is tirelessly working to assist in clearing streets so that Con Edison crews can get in to remove a multitude of dangerous high voltage wires, sometimes containing 30,000 volts. Many of you have seen wires entangled in tree limbs that would have made it difficult for equipment to get into streets to repair damaged lines. Most of the issues impeding restoration have been cleared.

We know there has been reports of confusion regarding information being given by crews over the progress of the cleanup but be assured that the process is moving forward at a steady pace. As of this morning about 5,000 customers are still without service. That number is anticipated to go down with the restoration of service to approximately 1,300 customers sometime soon.



Restoration of service to schools and polling places.

Franklin Avenue and East 4th Street - Major work is happening in the area to repair a pole and transformer that was damaged in the storm. It is possible that service will be immediately restored to some customers when the situation is repaired.

Langdon Avenue and Oneida Avenue - Work to remove a tree b locking the roadway has been completed. Restoration crews now in the process of attempting to restore power pending no unforeseen major issues.

Citizens should be aware that Con Edison has assured us recovery attempts for various customers will be made throughout the course of the day and evening. There may be instances where some individuals in the same area get lights restored and others do not. Con Edison is fully aware of those customers without power. Please be patient and allow them time to correct your specific problem.

Federal Disaster Assistance Now Available (Click Here For More Info.)


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Press Release For Immediate Release
City of Mount Vernon, NY Announces  




City of Mount Vernon, NY Announces  



Con Edison is distributing dry ice at Yonkers Raceway now until supplies are gone. Be prepared for long lines.

Stay informed by visiting the city’s website at For additional information contact Mayor’s Office at 914.665.2361.


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Mayor Ernest D. Davis

The City of Mount Vernon News

1 Roosevelt Square

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

If Cuomo Supports Amnesty Scheme, Does He Also Support NY Democrat Plan to Let Illegal Immigrants Vote?

East Fishkill, NY – (11/20/14) - Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – East Fishkill) responded to Governor Cuomo’s support for the Obama Administration’s amnesty scheme by again asking Cuomo to take a stand on the New York Democrat proposal to allow non-citizens and illegal immigrants to vote.

“For months Cuomo has kept quiet about the State Senate Democrats’ plan to allow illegal immigrants and non-citizens to vote,” said Lalor. “Now he’s endorsing President Obama’s unconstitutional end run around Congress. It’s time for the governor to tell us what he thinks about his fellow New York Democrats who want to allow illegal immigrants to vote in state elections. Cuomo is endorsing the president’s lawless disregard for the Constitution. You have to worry he has the same disregard for the sanctity of elections.”

Lalor added, “Governor Cuomo owes us an answer. He owes an answer to all of New York’s legal immigrants who sacrificed and worked for the precious right to vote. Does Cuomo respect their sacrifices and their faith in our system? He owes an answer to the millions around the world waiting on line in to immigrate here legally. It’s time for the governor to take a stand on the Democrats’ radical illegal immigrant voting plan.”


Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, a former teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. Lalor is of counsel to the law firm Gaines, Novick, Ponzini, Cossu & Venditti. He is a graduate of John Jay High School, Providence College and Pace Law School and lives in Hopewell Jct. with his wife Mary Jo and their four young children Katie, Riley, Mikey and Kieran Jr..

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund Congratulations

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney on Winning Re-Election


Election Is a Victory for Women and Access to Health Care


(Hawthorne, NY- Nov. 4) Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund released the following statement on the re-election of women’s health champion Sean Patrick Maloney to the U.S. House of Representatives.  Women’s health and rights played a critical role in this close election.  Hudson Valley voters understand that Nan Hayworth, who voted to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict access to safe and legal abortion when she was a member of Congress in 2011, was the wrong choice to represent them.


Statement from Reina Schiffrin, President/CEO, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund:


“Women turned out to support Sean Patrick Maloney because he has a clear track record when it comes to women’s access to health care.  He understands that politicians have no place interfering in a woman’s personal health care decisions.  Congressman Maloney has been a real champion for the women and families of the 18th Congressional District.  We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure everyone has access to basic health care – no matter where they live, how much money they have, or who their boss is.

“The vast majority of voters in this country want women to make their own personal medical decisions without interference from politicians.  People on in the Hudson Valley support women’s access to birth control, preventive health care, and abortion, and they do not want legislators to restrict women’s health.”


This race presented a stark contrast between two candidates with very different views on issues affecting women’s lives.  These are real health and economic issues facing the women and families of New York.  Women are half the population and a key part of the local economy.


In the weeks leading up to the election, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund ran a robust effort to mobilize supporters to get out and vote for our endorsed candidates like Sean Patrick Maloney on Election Day.  More than 5,000 voters heard about Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund’s endorsement of Sean Patrick Maloney, and the race was won by less than 3,000 votes.


Across the country, Planned Parenthood advocacy and political groups made clear for voters that women’s health was on the ballot.  The women we reached know that affordable and accessible health care like birth control is an economic issue, and think that politicians like Nan Hayworth are out of touch when it comes to limiting access to birth control and safe and legal abortion

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