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Source: Westchester Guardian Newspaper – April 3, 2014 Edition.

We have received permission to post this article on my blog by Westchester Guardian Publisher Sam Zherka.

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Judge Robert DiBella Plays Politics and Is Unanimously Overturned for Betraying Westchester County Citizens.


Last week a panel of four Judges of The New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division for the Second Department unanimously reversed a ruling by State Supreme Court Judge Robert DiBella with regard to the unlawful raid of the Westchester Independence Party by Westchester County Executive Astorino’s Administration and the Westchester County Republican Party.

The panel of four Judges gave way to the Westchester County Independence Party to disenroll more than 4,000 people who were part of an unconstitutional, and unlawful raid by County Executive Robert Astorino, The Westchester County Republican Party, their family, friends and cohorts.

According to Robert Astorino, immediately after acceding to the Office of County Executive, he knew he would not receive support from The Westchester Independence Party in his 2013 re-election bid, motivated by greed and thirst for power he instead instituted a plan to raid the party in order to fix and rig the outcome of the 2013 election for himself and members of the Republican Party in County-wide elections.

Judge Robert DiBella, knowing the facts all too well, and  aware of the old and well established case law which prohibits any such raids chose to betray the Constitutional Rights of tens of thousands of Westchester County residents over his thirst for political favor from both the Democratic and Republican Party bosses.

During and prior to the trial which was initiated by an Order to Show Cause petitioned by The Westchester Independence Party and Richard Rhoades in December 2013, Judge Robert DiBella, was seen and heard discussing ” the fix” of the case, as political favor.

Judge DiBella, on several occasions met with party bosses Reginald LaFayette (Democrat) and Doug Colety (Republican) at their office at the Westchester County Board of Elections, at the Court house and other venues to discuss the outcome of the case ” Ex parte”, a Latin term meaning “from (by or for) one party”, which is a violation of his duty as a judge.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014,  at 3:15 pm, the date of Judge DiBella’s unconstitutional decision and ruling, he visited the office of The Westchester County Board of Elections and discussed the ruling once again without knowledge of all the parties in violation of his duty as a judge.

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, a day after Judge DiBella was unanimously reversed, and in furtherance of Judge DiBella’s unethical betrayal of the public’s trust, Judge DiBella contacted The Westchester County Board of Elections and spoke to Reginald LaFayette by phone and demanded that they appeal the reversal of his decision by the unanimous four judge panel, to the New York State Court of Appeals.

At or around 3:50 pm on Thursday, March 27, 2014, Judge DiBella, once again walked into The Westchester County Board of Elections and demanded to speak to Westchester Democratic party boss Reginald LaFayette.  At that time Mr LaFayette was in a meeting with Douglas Colety,  the Republican Party boss who is one of the cohorts accused in the illegal raid of the Westchester Independence Party, John Flannery and Peter Mizel.  When told that LaFayette was in a meeting with Colety, Judge Robert DiBella replied, “Good, I would like to speak to them both.”

A person who spoke to The Westchester Guardian on condition of anonymity, and who was present when Judge DiBella called the Westchester Board of Elections, told this writer that Judge DiBella “seemed frantic and angry and was screaming, “you must appeal this decision”… ” it makes me look bad.”

The witness was shocked to hear a judge call and speak to parties involved in a case ” Ex parte” and considered the entire situation dirty and a black eye to the judiciary that must have an appearance of impartiality and fairness.  ” I’m shocked to see that they were all in collusion,” said this person with first hand knowledge of the conversation.

The fact is that Supreme Court Judge Robert DiBella, sold his soul to the party bosses and in doing so was willing to violate the rights of tens of thousands of Westchester County citizens in order to get an appointment to The Appellate Division, which is the same Department of the Judiciary which ruled against him.

Judge Robert DiBella’s hopes for a reversal by the Court of Appeals of the unanimous decision by the four judge panel is a one-in-a-trillion shot.  A better shot of success is to grieve Judge DiBella, to have this unethical jurist who’s greedy thirst for power has blinded him at the expense of the rights of those people who voted for him, sanctioned or thrown off the bench.

Ted Zelmann is a Westchester county resident who has been writing on the issue of prosecutorial misconduct and government abuse for eight years. He is a freelancer, very familiar with issues of government abuse which is plaguing our Westchester County and America.



We have received permission to post this article on my blog by Westchester Guardian Publisher Sam Zherka.

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Source: Westchester Guardian Newspaper – March 27, 2014 Edition.


Prosecutors Elliot Jacobson and Perry Carbone  Unethical And Corrupt Hypocrits!!!!!!


America in May 2013 was once again awakened to the abuses of the federal government when media blew wide open the unscrupulous and unconstitutional targeting of Americans who considered themselves part of the Tea Party platform, who spoke out against corruption, incumbent career politicians, high taxes, and against predatory and abusive government.

The Tea Party was subjected to targeting as early as 2010 by IRS agents, and agents from other federal agencies, in an attempt to intimidate and silence this ever so powerful movement of everyday hard working Americans who believe in America, the American Dream, and who are against the economic enslavement of the American People.

During 2009 and 2010, Publisher Sam Zherka, organized over a dozen well-attended rallies and press conferences throughout Westchester County and New York City, in support of the Tea Party and in an effort to form a minor statewide political party called T.E.A.

In attendance at these rallies and press conferences were people of all persuasions, ethnicities, and political affiliations who supported the message of the Tea Party and what it stood for.


In and around the spring of 2009, prior to the Tea Party Evolution (T.E.A.), Westchester County District Attorney Janet Difiore contacted federal prosecutor Perry A. Carbone, 56 (happy belated birthday), a 20-year resident of Yorktown, and asked that he and Elliot Jacobson, 60 (happy belated Birthday),  a Greenburgh resident, also a  federal prosecutor, to investigate Sam Zherka, as a favor to her and her husband and in retaliation for negative articles previously published about her and her husband in in Publisher Sam Zherka’s newspaper, The Westchester Guardian.

DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer, have for many years interviewed and discussed employment opportunities with federal prosecutors which included  employment at one of the nations largest law firms, “Davis Polk and Wardwell”, where DiFiore’s husband is a partner.

In and around 2009, Andy Grosher, an investigator for the Westchester County D.A.’s office stated to an attorney, who for this article shall be kept anonymous and who did not have any relationship with Sam Zherka, ” that the feds were eventually going to indict Sam Zherka.”

In and around December 10, 2011, and just about two weeks after subpoena’s were served on Zherka by the IRS, and FBI, as part of the targeting against the T.E.A. Party advocates, Arthur Glover, an investigator from the Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore’s office, with first hand knowledge contacted an attorney who did work for Zherka and warned her of the pending federal investigation which was not made public knowledge and nearly 18 months prior to the IRS targeting of the T.E.A Party hit the media.

As early as 2010, the IRS and other Federal Agencies started targeting TEA  Party organizations and their supporters nationally, while here in Westchester County United States Assistant Attorney’s Elliot B Jacobson, and Perry A. Carbone, saw the opportunity to assist in the IRS’ unconstitutional targeting of Sam Zherka,  ” the loudest tea party voice in New York”, as a favor to their dear friend Janet DiFiore, the Westchester County District Attorney.

Elliot B. Jacobson, a registered liberal Democrat since March 1996 with a JD from Harvard University is  licensed to practice law in the State of New York since 1981.  Jacobson has spent almost 32 years as a prosecutor.  Jacobson briefly left the public sector only to return after failing to make a living in the private sector as an attorney. Jacobson has been accused several times in the past of unethical and corrupt behavior and prosecutorial misconduct.  For many years Jacobson and Carbone, two political hacks, have been seeking a political ally and favor to assist in securing either a promotion at the United States Attorneys office or appointments to federal judgeships.

Over the past two years and after hundreds of subpoena’s Jacobson and Carbone, with the help of the  IRS Agents who were targeting  Sam Zherka for his Tea Party activities, have interviewed many people who have done business with Sam Zherka in the past.  Some people were questioned in a Grand Jury which was convened to hear evidence, and others were interviewed in a conference room at Jacobson and Carbone’s office in White Plains.

Anthony (Tony) Nikc, a Westchester County resident who is in the commercial real estate business, was interviewed by members of the IRS, specifically by Elliot Jacobson and Perry Carbone for nearly 6 ½ hours.  In and around 2012 and through 2013, Mr Nikc contacted a friend, Antonio Raimondo, and on several occasions complained about the corrupt and unconscionable false admissions Carbone and Jacobson asked Nikc to make in order to secure an indictment against Sam Zherka.   ” They want me to lie about Sam Zherka”, stated Nikc to Mr Raimondo.

Nikc also stated” They are threatening to prosecute me, if i don’t lie about cash under the table which never happened.” “These people are corrupt”, said Tony Nikc.  Mr Nikc told this writer that in his opinion these people, meaning Perry Carbone and Elliot Jacobson, have a personal vendetta against Sam Zherka.” This is personal, they fucken hate Sam Zherka”

In and around the spring of March and April 2012, two men Pasquale (Pat) Scarpa, and Kevin Sisti, of Connecticut who were previously contacted by the IRS and received subpoena’s from Jacobson and Carbone, via the IRS Agents, expressed their disbelief and astonishment as to the existence of any inquiry regarding dealings with Sam Zherka, especially since all their dealings with Zherka were legal and above board.  ” I never thought we would be targeted for doing real estate deals,  legitimate real estate deals, this is crazy”, said Scarpa.

Scarpa, during at least two meetings, made it very clear that the IRS and the prosecutors have a ” real hard-on for Zherka” “and reiterated Jacobson’s hatred and venom for Zherka,  and his statement that, “everyone around Sam Zherka is a target.”

One year later and after Pasquale (Pat) Scarpa and his attorney Mr Kevin Kitson, of White Plains met with Prosecutors Jacobson and Carbone, and IRS Agents investigating Tea Party activity,  Mr  Scarpa, contacted his partner Kevin Sisti, who solely negotiated each and every real estate deal in the New England area involving Sam Zherka and or his affiliated entities.

On behalf of prosecutors Jacobson and Carbone, and IRS Agents investigating the Tea Party, Pasquale (Pat) Scarpa attempted to solicit the help of  Kevin Sisti, “to change the story”,  and abort from the truth and tell the prosecutors , what they wanted to hear.  Scarpa asked Sisti to manufacture evidence to avoid being targeted by Jacobson, Carbone, and the IRS.  Scarpa delivered Jacobson’s message, ” Join team America because team Sammy is going down”.

Kevin Sisti stated that he was shocked and astonished that Pasquale (Pat) Scarpa would ask him to lie and fabricate evidence in order to appease these rogue  prosecutors and IRS agents in an attempt to secure an indictment of Zherka, who to the best of his knowledge is guilty of nothing more than speaking out against politicians, government officials and corruption.  Sisti, refused to participate in any such unethical, unconstitutional and corrupt activity.

In and around 2012 and 2013, Jacobson, and Carbone along with IRS agents investigating Zherka for his Tea Party activities, interviewed Vincent D’Agnillo, a Queens, NY, mortgage broker.  Carbone and Jacobson along with IRS agents, threatened D’Agnillo, directly and through his attorney with imminent prosecution if D’Agnillo did not agree to fabricate evidence and admit to criminality he had no knowledge of and which did not exist involving Sam Zherka.

In and around November 2011, an attorney who’s name shall be kept anonymous for this article, was served with a subpoena’s by IRS and FBI Agents.  In and around early 2012, this attorney was invited by Jacobson and Carbone to their office for an interview.  This attorney denied the invitation and asked to be questioned only in front of a Grand jJry.  Perry Carbone, reluctantly convened a Grant Jury, and cross examined this attorney (witness) in front of a panel of Grand Jury jurors.

Perry Carbone, “deliberately attempted to mislead the Grand Jury jurors in an attempt to secure a fabricated indictment”, stated this attorney.  Carbone finally asked the witness to leave after the witness lashed out at Prosecutor Carbone about his frivelous investigation which was nothing more than a fishing expedition.

An attorney who’s name shall be kept anonymous for this article and who had contact with Perry Carbone regarding this First Amendment retaliatory investigation stated, “the amount of money spent on this bogus investigation is a crime in of itself”.

Perry A. Carbone and Elliot B. Jacobson, two ethically challenged, corrupt political hacks, along with IRS Agents and others, have shown that they are more wiling to break laws, suborn perjury, fabricate evidence, and outright lie, in an attempt to violate Sam Zherka’s constitutional rights in retaliation for his political speech, free press and Tea Party affiliations.

Basically, the Tea Party came under attack, investigation and scrutiny by the IRS and other Federal Agencies, and the likes of Carbone and Jacobson saw the opportunity to jump on board to attempt to receive political favor for their personal benefit.

Every American should be very concerned with any attack on civil liberties by corrupt government officials no matter what the message.  Whether you approve or disapprove of the political speech, editorial or opinion, no one who has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States should betray his oath for any reason; and in doing so is betraying the fabric of what this country was built on, and betraying the mothers and fathers whose sons and daughters died defending the very Constitutional rights which are currently under attack.

Mr Elliot B. Jacobson, a bonafide hypocrite is no different than his former Democratic buddy one-time Governor Elliot Spitzer, and should be more concerned with being seen frequenting massage parlors where happy endings run rampant, than indulging in fishing expeditions and constitutional violations for political favor.

Time:  6:00 P.M. Monday – Sunday – 7 days a week.






TIME:10:30 A.M.



“County Executive Astorino has been a true friend and supporter of both the hispanic and law enforcement communities”

White Plains, NY–July 16th….County Executive Rob Astorino was today endorsed by the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association for re-election. The July endorsement was unprecedented for the organization, which historically has waited until the fall to announce its preferred candidate. Astorino was joined by members of the association to announce the endorsement at Don Coqui restaurant in White Plains.

“The Hispanic Law Enforcement Association wholeheartedly endorses County Executive Astorino for re-election,” said Vice President Hector Lopez. “County Executive Astorino has been a true friend and supporter of both the hispanic and law enforcement communities. Westchester residents have been well-served by his leadership, and working together, we can continue to crack down on crime and enhance our quality of life.”

“I’m honored to receive the support of the Hispanic Law Enforcement Association,” said County Executive Astorino. “They are on the frontlines, working to keep us safe and protect our communities. We must make sure that they continue to have the support and resources they need to do their jobs and make it home safely to their families. Estoy agradecido por su apoyo y espero seguir trabajando junto a Ustedes durante otros cuatro años.”


My State of the County Address on Tuesday, I pledged to deliver the fourth straight budget with no property tax increase while also preserving essential services, promoting economic growth, and protecting our municipalities against federal efforts to dismantle local zoning.




 I announced:

  • A partnership with the Business Council of Westchester, the Westchester County Association and the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association to stop Albany’s unfunded mandates;
  • A new food rescue initiative to redistribute unused food from our schools, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants to our food pantries and soup kitchens;
  • My leadership to ensure that the new Tappan Zee Bridge has mass transit the day it opens; and,
  • Support for expanding cleaner and cheaper natural gas to the Westchester County Airport and the Material Recovery Facility in Yonkers.

I also presented an update on several of our initiatives, including:

  • The County’s new Local Development Corp., which has already approved $128 million in low-cost and tax exempt financing to nonprofit agencies at no risk to county taxpayers;
  • Reinventing Playland for the 21st century with an investment of $34 million in private money and a management agreement with a team of world-class operators who will restore the park as a year-round destination for Westchester’s families;
  • “Safer Communities,” which has built a coalition among our schools and municipalities to share resources and best practices as part of the County’s ceaseless effort to keep our kids, our schools and our communities as safe as they can be;
  • The County is a year ahead of the annual benchmarks for facilitating the construction of 750 units of affordable housing under the 2009 housing settlement with HUD; and
  • A bi-partisan joint action with the Board of Legislators to prevent HUD from re-allocating $7.4 million in federal funds already promised to Westchester’s communities in 2011.

From day one, our goal has been to deliver results. But results don’t come easy. Priorities must be set. Hard choices must be made. Partisanship must give way to partnership. Rhetoric must yield to leadership.


Westchester County continues to move forward carefully and steadily. We pledged to protect taxpayers, and we did just that. We pledged to preserve essential services, and we did just that. We pledged to promote economic growth, and we did just that. And working together, we will continue moving Westchester County toward an even brighter future.



rob signature

Statement from the Campaign of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

April 24, 2013.

“We congratulate Mr. Bramson on his nomination tonight and look forward to a healthy debate in the fall election season, based on the issues. County Executive Astorino has delivered on the promises he made to Westchester voters four years ago — like his no tax increase pledge — and he is laying the groundwork for a healthy and economically vibrant Westchester going forward.  It is a record anyone would be proud to discuss.” — Jessica Proud, spokeswoman, Friends of Rob Astorino.

From Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick.

Come See Noam in Yonkers.

This week, folks in the Yonkers area
have a great opportunity to meet
and hear my good friend New Rochelle Mayor and Democratic Westchester County
Executive Candidate Noam Bramson
at two Town Hall meetings.

The first Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 29, at 7:00 p.m. at Will Library.

The second meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 1, at 7:00 p.m. at Riverfront Library.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick.

Last night, I attended a vigil in Peekskill held in memory of Trayvon Martin. It was a good event, attended by an impressive cross section of the surrounding community, and featuring speeches from religious and civic leaders. This morning, I feel inspired to share a few thoughts, but I do so with caution and humility, because I can’t claim any special or original wisdom on such a difficult subject.

As a father, I can only imagine the pain that Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, must now feel. When a case is the topic of such extensive commentary and has such broad social significance, the person at its center can be reduced to an abstract symbol. It is important to remember that he was a human being, flesh and blood, loved and now mourned.

As a policy-maker, I believe that so-called “Stand Your Ground” laws encourage a dangerous shoot-first mentality. Except in the rarest of circumstances, we are much better off working to deescalate conflict and leaving deadly force to public safety professionals. The success of the gun lobby in promoting these laws around the country offers a dispiriting parallel to the gun lobby’s equally harmful obstruction of common sense gun safety standards in Congress and elsewhere. I genuinely respect the right of responsible citizens to keep and bear arms, but I will never comprehend the logic that says the answer to gun violence is more guns, with more firepower, in more hands.

Finally and most importantly, as a citizen, the verdict and the myriad discussions that followed remind me of how much race relations in America have advanced . . . and of how far we will still have to go.

Several years ago, as I was preparing to leave home to attend the annual MLK breakfast in New Rochelle, I asked my boys, half-jokingly, what I should say to the crowd. Jeremy replied: “why don’t you talk about how people should be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.” Jeremy had just learned about Dr. King in kindergarten and was simply repeating the lesson, but, still, I was floored and moved. When a little white boy growing up in the suburbs learns those words literally before learning how to add and subtract, there is no doubt that something is going right.

But there is also a sort of false comfort in such little anecdotes. Knowing the words is easier than living them. And celebrating equality in theory, although certainly a good thing, is no substitute for wrestling with the persistence of inequality, in all its uncomfortable complexity. Trayvon’s death and the disparate responses to the verdict, starkly divided by race, reveal a nation still struggling with its original sins. All of us need to try harder to reach beyond the confines of our own personal interests and experiences and better understand our neighbors and fellow Americans.

I am an optimist by nature, so I will close with another famous quote from King: “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Good words to remember. Let’s also remember that the arc of justice bends with our help.

My thanks to the organizers of last night’s vigil for giving us a chance to come together.


Noam Bramson

July 16th, 2013.


In response to attacks on Mayor Noam Bramson’s positions on gun safety leveled by Assemblymember Kieran Lalor today, Bramson campaign spokesman Barry Caro issued the following response:

“Our campaign is happy to debate far right extremists like Kieran Lalor and Rob Astorino any day of the week on gun safety legislation. There’s a reason Westchester County voters, in a swing district, only gave Lalor 37% of our vote during his unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2008 – because his views are badly out of step with our own.”

“Noam Bramson believes we need to ban assault weapons, limit high capacity magazines, and ensure we have truly universal background checks. Astorino brought gun shows back to the County Center and opposes common sense gun safety legislation. That difference is one reason why the radical right – personified today by Kieran Lalor – is rallying to Astorino’s side.”

We’ve just closed out this campaign finance filing period with a total of about $1.1 million raised.


That’s an incredible number, shattering previous records for a County Exec challenger at this stage of the race, and it shows the great enthusiasm that Noam has inspired throughout the county.

To be sure, our fundraising efforts are far from done. We know that Rob Astorino will raise even more (incumbents always do.) And executing our campaign plan will take about $2 million.

But let’s save that for another day. For now, I want you to know that Noam is working incredibly hard to justify our trust, that he is humbled by the confidence of every contributor, and that he will be an effective and visionary leader for all of Westchester.

Great job!


Kim DiTomasso
Finance Director


Noam Bramson for County Executive

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

may 8, 2013

When my State Senate district was redrawn last year to include a large portion of New Rochelle, Mayor Noam Bramson could not have been more welcoming. In the time since, he has been a strong partner in my work to pass common-sense gun safety laws, provide essential assistance to municipalities and school districts, and promote a comprehensive agenda for New York’s women, from reproductive rights to pay equity.

In order to make even more progress on the challenges facing our region and state, it is critical that policy makers at all levels of government share our priorities and values. That’s why it is so important to make sure Noam is our next County Executive.


Help Elect Noam Bramson — Contribute Now

There will be many opportunities in the weeks and months ahead to participate in Noam’s campaign — he will be reaching out to voters in every corner of the county, and he will need your help knocking on doors and making calls to friends and neighbors.

But right now, the top campaign priority is raising the financial resources to take on a well-funded incumbent. So I’m asking you to make a contribution to Noam’s campaign today of $2,500, $1,000, $500, or whatever is appropriate for you.


Make a Contribution Online

As a former County Legislator — and now as the Democratic leader of the State Senate — I can say firsthand that having the right person serve as County Executive makes a critical difference. I know that Noam will take action to attract new jobs, end the wasteful duplication in government, and make necessary investments in infrastructure, so that all residents of Westchester have a chance to succeed.

We need Noam to be our County Executive — and he needs your help to win.


Please Contribute Today


Warm regards,

Andrea Stewart-Cousins (signature)

Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Democratic Leader, New York State Senate


May 2, 2013

After his victory at last week’s Democratic convention — and with the full and gracious support of Ken Jenkins and Bill Ryan — Noam now leads a united and determined Westchester Democratic Party.

Our team is not taking a break because we know that the next step will be harder. This is the moment for everyone who supports Noam to rally to his side. So I am appealing to you: please make a contribution today.

Rally to Noam's Side. Donate Now.

During these past few months, I’ve watched Noam inspire people throughout Westchester with his commitment to our progressive values, and with his forward-looking plan for positive change. If Noam could have a personal conversation with every voter, I know he would win the general election in a landslide.

But in a county with nearly a million residents, personal conversations aren’t enough. An effective campaign depends on television, direct mail, social media, and a robust field operation. And all of that takes money … lots of money.

Noam has already raised more than $500,000 — a record for a County Executive challenger at this stage. But incumbent Rob Astorino has over $2 million on hand, and is raising much more. We have to close the gap, and we have to close it fast.

Help Us Close the Gap

If you have been waiting for the Democratic nomination to be settled before contributing, now is the time to join our campaign. Please make a contribution today of $500, $250, $100, $50, or whatever you think is appropriate.

To contribute online, please click here:

Contribute to Noam's Campaign

Or you can make a check payable to “Friends of Noam Bramson” and mail it to: PO Box 1556, New Rochelle, NY 10802.

Noam is doing his part — working his hardest every day to justify the trust so many have placed in him. Let’s do our part. Let’s launch the general election campaign with an overwhelming demonstration of support and enthusiasm for our great candidate.

With sincere thanks,

Kim (signature)
Kim DiTomasso
Finance Director
Friends of Noam Bramson

P.S. It is critical that we begin the general election with a resounding show of strength and enthusiasm, so we’ve set a goal of raising at least $100,000 in the next ten days. Please help us reach this target.

April 29, 2013

First of all — thank you for your support and advocacy during the past four months. I could not have won the Democratic nomination last Wednesday without your encouragement and enthusiasm, and I am so proud of what we have already accomplished together.

But now I need your help again. As one stage of the campaign ends and another begins, please take this opportunity to reaffirm our partnership by making a contribution to my campaign.

Our message is clear and persuasive: we have a forward-looking plan of action to grow our economy, create jobs, provide real leadership for taxpayers, and strengthen families and communities; and Westchester shares our mainstream values on choice, marriage equality, gun safety, and more.

But without the resources to communicate, our message will never be heard. That’s why your contribution is so essential.

Rob Astorino knows that the people of Westchester don’t subscribe to his right-wing views and don’t approve of his record of neglect. So our opponents will run a campaign of fear and distortion, funded by a huge war chest. We cannot let them drown out the truth with a flood of mail and television.

So help us level the playing field. Give us the tools to communicate our positive vision. We are aiming to raise at least $100,000 in the next ten days, and we need your help to reach this target. Let’s begin the general election together with a resounding demonstration of support and determination.

Westchester faces big challenges, but when I think of the diversity and talent of our county and of all the assets we can enlist to build a better future, I am filled with hope … and, with you at my side, I can’t wait to get to work.Sincerely,


APRIL 27, 2013

On Thursday, Noam joined Andrew Whitman on RNN for his first full television interview since receiving the Democratic nomination. I didn’t want you to miss it:

Bramson interviewed on RNN

I’m very proud to work for a candidate who makes our case so well.


Jeremy Sherber
Campaign Manager

APRIL 25, 2013

Earlier tonight, I was honored to receive the Democratic nomination for Westchester County Executive.

Our victory at the Democratic convention is a credit to the hard work of an amazing campaign staff, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and good friends. Catie and I could not be more grateful for all who labored on our behalf.

I am grateful also to Ken Jenkins and Bill Ryan, strong competitors, with whom it was an honor to share the campaign trail. Both were exceptionally gracious at the convention, and I am delighted to have their support.

Competing for the nomination has been an extraordinary experience, and we can take a moment to savor our success – but not more than a moment, because now the really tough challenge begins. To bring positive change to Westchester, we must win in November, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility to justify the trust placed in me tonight.

I will have much more to say about this campaign in the weeks and months ahead. For now, I want to share with you the remarks I prepared to make tonight to accept the Democratic nomination (before the hour grew so late that I decided to spare the die-hard delegates and cut it down).

With gratitude and determination,


I know the hour is late, but I hope you’ll permit me to say a few words to this convention and to all the people of Westchester.

And I want to begin by recognizing two extraordinary public servants, two men who have proven their strength and skill and dedication to the values of our party, and who tonight showed the generosity of spirit and sense of common purpose that are the hallmarks of true leadership.

I ask every person in this hall to please stand – please stand up – and join me in saluting Ken Jenkins and Bill Ryan.

Ken and Bill, we began this journey as friends. We are ending this journey as friends. And, as we move forward together, I will be proud to call you partners.

To all who supported us tonight, and labored so hard for this milestone, Catie and I are honored beyond words by your trust.

And to all who supported others, please take well-earned pride in your service to a good cause.

We may have arrived here on different teams, but now – strong, united and determined – we go forth as one team.

And, together, for the hundreds of thousands of people who count on us to be their advocates and their champions, we will win a resounding victory this November.

My friends, that is much more than a partisan political objective. Because what’s at stake in this election is nothing less than the character, and the future, of our County.

And our choice this year is different from any we’ve faced before.

Here in Westchester, as long as any of us can remember, Democrats and Republicans have stood side by side to deliver good government – to provide value for our dollar, to strengthen public services . . . to invest in tomorrow.

These haven’t been partisan questions. We’ve never been a county of extremists or ideologues, on either the right or the left. We believe in balanced priorities, and we measure our actions by their practical effect on real people and real communities.

So when the people of Westchester elected Rob Astorino four years ago, many of us assumed that he would govern in that moderate, mainstream tradition.

Four years later, our eyes have been opened, and the hard truth is all too clear.

Rob Astorino may campaign like Nelson Rockefeller, but he governs like Newt Gingrich, and this is the most partisan, right-wing and short-sighted administration of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Rob. This isn’t about personal character. This is about the character of our leadership.

And he really believes the less we do, the better.

So there’s no strategy for growth, no goal for reforming government, no vision for expanding opportunity, no plan to cut waste, no effort at all to come to grips with the great challenges of land use, and transportation, and human capital that will define the future of our economy and environment.

And every one of us is paying the price in tax bills that go up, a quality of life that goes down, and opportunities that pass by.

This is a time when every public servant needs to rise to the occasion, and accept the full responsibility of their office. And we deserve a County Executive who will show up for work.

And there’s more. Because it’s not just the laws we pass, it’s also the values we uphold.

In this day and age, why on Earth does Westchester have a County Executive who won’t trust women to make their own decisions about reproductive health? Why does Westchester have a County Executive who thinks two committed adults should be denied their right to marry? Why does Westchester have a County Executive who can’t say – straight and plain – whether he supports common sense gun safety laws?

Those aren’t the values of this community.

And if every person in Westchester has full knowledge of the record, views and plans of the candidates, we will win this election in a landslide. We know this.

Problem is, our opponents know this, too. So they will try to win this campaign through fear and distortion.

If you doubt that for a second, just take a look at the State of the County Address that Rob Astorino delivered last night. The heart of the speech? A promise to fight tooth and nail against the quote-unquote “new” federal requirements for fair and affordable housing.

Now, you might ask, exactly what are these new requirements?

Well, to hear Rob tell it, it’s: 11,000 housing units, up from 750, at a cost of a billion dollars, paid for with a 200% tax increase, plus an end to all of our local zoning codes, so the feds can put a high-rise on every block. He really said this.

All very scary.

And all completely made up. Not a little made-up – like they kind of fudged it. Made-up, from beginning to end, from A to Z.

So while I’m sure we all appreciate Rob’s heartfelt pledge to protect us from this imaginary, make-believe threat.

Would it be too much to ask for a little calm, deliberative leadership to solve the actual problem that exists in the real world?

When you lose every court case, when your defiance and mismanagement is costing the County millions of our dollars, when editorial boards are comparing Westchester in 2013 to Alabama in 1963. When even the U.S. Attorney is threatening to hold you in contempt, then the last refuge of a political candidate is to scare people into voting against their own interests.

Enough already.

If this County Executive can’t offer the constructive leadership and sense of responsibility to finally get this expensive and divisive mess behind us, then please step aside for someone else who will.

On this issue, on every issue, we know we can do better. This isn’t rocket science.

Don’t tell me the only way to balance our budget is by cutting child care and neighborhood health centers.

Don’t tell me that a region with so many strengths can’t shape its own economic and environmental future.

We have no shortage of talent and creativity. All we’re missing is leadership, leadership equal to the task.

I’ve seen it.

As parents, Catie and I appreciate every day the difference that a healthy community makes in the lives of our children.

As a mayor, I brought people together to face tough challenges head-on, brought new investment and hope to a struggling urban center, and delivered millions in savings for taxpayers.

As a New Yorker, I was proud of our Governor for giving every one of us the right to marry.

As a citizen and a leader, I stand firmly in support of gun safety, and I will always fight for a woman’s right to choose.

And as County Executive, with your help, we will take action to grow our economy, create new jobs, end the waste and duplication in government, provide real leadership for taxpayers, and invest in our shared future.

The choice in this election is between a plan of action that honors the mainstream values of Westchester . . . or a record of neglect that honors only the extreme agenda of the Tea Party.

So I repeat. Four years later, our eyes have been opened, and the hard truth is clear.

But you know the old saying: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. And ladies and gentlemen, today, on behalf of all the people of Westchester, we say in a strong, clear voice: we will not be fooled again.

During the course of this campaign, many of you have heard me speak of my parents, who became refugees during the Second World War and then came to this country with almost nothing.

Of the sacrifices they made to give their four sons every opportunity to succeed. And of their profound gratitude for our nation’s freedoms.

My father died nearly twenty years ago. My mother is here tonight. And I am very proud of both of them.

But the truth is that, here in Westchester, there’s nothing remarkable about our family’s story, because there are so many other stories that are just as compelling.

The immigrants who work three jobs to give their kids a better chance.

The volunteers who devote untold hours to libraries, and parks, and soup kitchens and schools.

The doctors and lawyers, entrepreneurs and artists, who make Westchester a global icon of talent and culture.

And the men and women who do the people’s business, who keep our streets clean and safe, who respond bravely to emergencies, and accept the duties of defense, with solemn dedication and not an ounce of boastful pride.

All of us are Westchester. Each contributing to the whole. Going up or down together. And we deserve leadership that appeals to our best instincts.

I know we face big challenges today. But when I consider who we are, what we have done, and what we can do, I am filled with determination. And I cannot wait to get to work.

So with humility and gratitude, with a full and hopeful heart, and with faith that we will together shape a better future in which everybody has a chance to succeed and everybody counts, I accept your nomination for Westchester County Executive.

APRIL 18, 2013

It has been a pleasure to speak with hundreds of Democratic leaders in the last few months. I’ve been grateful for the chance to share my own views, and also to hear your perspective on challenges and opportunities throughout Westchester.

But some of us still haven’t met. That’s why our campaign produced a video to summarize my background, record, and plans. Please click below to watch. (Even if we have already spoken, check it out — it’s only about four minutes long.)

Noam Bramson Video - Right Now

When you’re done, please consider sharing the video with your friends and fellow district leaders. It’s important for all of us to make an informed choice at Wednesday’s Democratic convention, so that we select the strongest candidate and then unite for victory in the general election.




Latimer Throws Support to Bramson.

New Rochelle Mayor wins coveted endorsement from State Senator and former County Democratic Chair.

APRIL 4, 2013 — In a letter emailed to Democratic district leaders today, State Senator George Latimer endorsed Mayor Noam Bramson of New Rochelle and called him “best positioned for success” in a general election matchup with Rob Astorino for Westchester County Executive.

Latimer, a former Chairperson of the Westchester County Democratic Party who was elected to the State Senate last year, is highly regarded among Democrats. He had been neutral in the Democratic contest for County Executive until now, and his endorsement signals a move to Bramson with less than three weeks remaining until the Democratic convention on April 24th.

Acknowledging the “Democratic credentials” and “core values” of all three candidates, Latimer nevertheless offered Bramson his “full support.” He said, “I am convinced that Noam Bramson is the right person to represent our party in November and to lead our County come January.”

Latimer stressed Bramson’s record of accomplishments in New Rochelle, saying, “Noam has guided his hometown with vision, perseverance, and a good dose of practicality. He’s pursued effective economic development, promoted sound environmental practices, and approved responsible budgets with balanced priorities.”

Latimer raised the image of his own challenging campaign for State Senate in 2012 to make the case that Bramson is the Democrat with the best chance to defeat incumbent Rob Astorino in the general election. “I know what the GOP attack machine looks like,” he said, “and I know what it takes to win.” He called Bramson “a spirited campaigner, a powerful communicator, and a capable fundraiser.”

Latimer closed on a more personal note, praising Bramson for his idealistic pursuit of good policy, his integrity, and his commitment to his community. “I endorse Noam Bramson,” said Latimer, “but more importantly, like many others who have worked with him, I admire Noam Bramson.”

Latimer’s endorsement bookends a month of statements from current and past elected officials in support of the Bramson campaign. Congresswoman Nita Lowey, State Assembly Members Amy Paulin, Sandy Galef, and Tom Abinanti, as well as local mayors, supervisors, council members, and trustees from all parts of the county have been joining the Bramson campaign in recent weeks.

George Latimer represents the 37th Senate District that stretches from Yonkers to Port Chester to Katonah. Prior to his election to the State Senate in 2021, Latimer was a member of the State Assembly; before that he served as Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.


George Latimer:

Noam Bramson:


Latimer statement:

All endorsements:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2012.

Noam Bramson Enters Race for County Executive.

New Rochelle Mayor Pledges a Campaign of “Substance and Ideas”.

December 14, 2012 — New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson announced today he will seek the Democratic nomination for Westchester County Executive in 2013. Bramson, who won reelection last year with a record-setting 79% of the vote, gives Democrats a top-tier contender to take on Republican incumbent Rob Astorino.

“We need a County Executive with a coherent vision for growing our economy and attracting new jobs, for cutting government waste and inefficiency, and for making good on our commitment to seniors, children, and working parents,” said Bramson. “As the Mayor of a diverse and complex community, I have brought people together to achieve positive change. As County Executive, I will act with innovation and energy to shape a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive Westchester.”

Continued Bramson, “It is time for a serious debate about our future, and I intend to offer a campaign of substance and ideas.”

In a letter mailed this week to Democratic leaders throughout the County, Bramson cited several of his objectives for Westchester:

growing the economy, attracting new jobs, and delivering greater value for every tax dollar by adopting forward-looking development, land use, transit, and environmental plans;

confronting duplicative government bureaucracy in order to reduce waste, decrease our regional tax burden, and make room for essential investments in the future; and

upholding our commitment to seniors, children, working parents, and the vulnerable, on the principle that we move forward when all people in our community have a chance to succeed.

“During the past three years, these priorities have been neglected,” said Bramson. “For Westchester to remain a vibrant place to raise a family, find a job, and enjoy a rewarding life, the County Executive must be willing to lead.”

During his seven years at the helm of Westchester’s second largest city, Bramson has compiled a record of achievement on issues directly relevant to County leadership. Bramson spearheaded successful economic development, creating new jobs and spurring hundreds of millions in investment; adopted responsible budgets that have given New Rochelle the lowest city tax rate among Westchester’s urban centers, while meeting essential service priorities; and produced an award-winning sustainability plan that serves as a detailed twenty-year blueprint for environmental conservation, smart growth, and social progress.

Bramson Wins Early Support from County Leaders

Bramson has already earned the support of prominent County leaders, including Congresswoman Nita Lowey. “Noam is one of the most effective, smart, and principled public servants I have known, “ said Lowey. “He has the talent and determination to make a significant, positive difference for Westchester. I am very proud to endorse him.”

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, a former Executive Director of My Sisters’ Place, said “Noam is the right person to take on the tough challenge of county leadership. He has proven his competence, intelligence, and ability in New Rochelle, and all of Westchester will benefit from his service.”

New Rochelle City Council Member Jared Rice, who has teamed with Bramson to promote job training and affordable housing initiatives, lauded the Mayor’s leadership. “Noam is respected throughout the community for his hard work, clear vision, and personal commitment to fairness and inclusion,” said Rice. “He is a terrific colleague, who reaches across lines and shares credit to get things done.”

Bramson has been active in regional planning, development, and environmental efforts, and is highly-regarded beyond New Rochelle.

Mamaroneck Supervisor Nancy Seligson, a past President of Save the Sound, has worked with Bramson on a regional trail and park network and has supported his efforts to improve the Long Island Sound waterfront. Seligson said, “Noam is creative and collaborative, and he understands firsthand the impact of County government on every community. By pursuing regional solutions to regional problems, he will be a great chief executive for Westchester.”

And Port Chester Mayor Dennis Pilla, the current President of the Westchester Municipal Officials Association, said, “Noam is an extremely competent and very bright guy who always puts doing what’s right ahead of being political. His strong organizational and leadership skills are just what Westchester needs.”

Voters Will Have A Clear Choice On Social Issues.

The matchup between Bramson and Astorino presents Westchester voters with a clear choice between a social progressive and a social conservative. Bramson supports a woman’s right to choose and favors marriage equality. By contrast, Astorino stands against reproductive rights and opposed New York’s marriage equality law, positions that place him far to the right of most County residents.

Francine “Frankie” Stein, past President/CEO of Planned Parenthood of Hudson-Peconic, said, “Choice will be on the ballot in 2013, and the women of Westchester deserve a County Executive who trusts us to make our own healthcare decisions. Noam supports family planning and access to reproductive health care, and he understands that strong, happy families are the backbone of successful communities.”

Noam Bramson, 43, is a lifelong Westchester resident and a product of the New Rochelle public schools. Bramson is married to Catherine (“Catie”) Stern, Ph.D., a clinical pediatric neuropsychologist, affiliated with Family Health Associates of White Plains and Manhattan. Their young sons, Jeremy and Owen, are both students in the New Rochelle public schools.

Bramson has served on the boards of numerous civic organizations, including the New Rochelle Campership Fund, the Castle Gallery, the Fund for Educational Excellence, the New Rochelle Council of Community Services, the Westchester Jewish Council, and the United Way of New Rochelle. He attended Harvard University, where he completed his undergraduate degree in three years, and then received a Masters degree in Public Policy.

First elected to New Rochelle City Council in 1995, Bramson has served as Mayor since 2006.

Mayor Noam Bramson

Noam and Catie, with their sons Jeremy and Owen


We endorse Michael Rotanelli for Yonkers City Council President.

We announce our Endorsement of Michael Rotanelli for Yonkers City
Council President.

We support and like, Mr Rotanelli’s Platform of him being supportive of Affordable Housing, for creating Smart Development in Our City and also the jobs that go along with those Development Projects and also how the Yonkers City Budget impacts the Quality of Life for the Youth of our City, since they are the future of Yonkers.

Rotanelli is tested in the political arena with the last race he ran
under his belt for Yonkers City Council 3rd District from 2 years ago,
that campaign was a very grassroots, active and run with the spirit of
returning our City of Yonkers back to the City of Gracious Living once

This City needs a proven leader as our next City Council President,
someone who knows the issues and most importantly knows our city
inside and out.

We need a City Council President who will be the voice of the people
and also will be someone who will stand up no matter what issue and
always make sure that Council President put our city above politics as
usual and also above any self promotion and on the Democratic Side of
the Aisle, the candidate who you think about with those qualities in
spades is Michael Rotanelli and that is why we endorse him in the
strongest terms in this race for Yonkers City Council President.

The thing that separates Rotanelli from the other Candidates in this race is his passion, fire in the belly, being a life long resident of Yonkers and also his love for our City and his belief that the City of Yonkers greatest days are still ahead of us in the future.

We endorse Michael Rotanelli as the Yonkers City Council President in
the strongest terms, Rotanelli is the leader with business sense who believes that Yonkers City Government should be run like a business.

We also feel that Rotanelli is the best hope for the Dems to keep the
Office of Yonkers City Council President and the Majority of The
Yonkers City Council in the hands of the Yonkers Democrats.

We need to Elect Michael Rotanelli as our Yonkers City Council President and bring new leadership to the office of The Yonkers City Council President. It is time to put our City first ahead of Politics as Usual.

This Editorial is the sole opinion of The Yonkers Insider.

The Yonkers Insider

Heusler Statement: Makes the ballot for County Legislator, to setup
rematch with Gordon Burrows:

I needed a minimum of four signatures to make the ballot on the
Working Families Party Line. I filed over the minimum needed on
the Working Families Party Line by getting an amount of seven

I want to thank the Westchester Putnam Chapter of the Working Families
Party for their support of me, in particular the leader of The
Westchester Putnam Chapter of the Working Families Party, Pat Welsh,
who I feel is the best political party leader in our County of

In this race i look forward to a debate with Westchester County Legislator
Gordon Burrows and what i hope will be a spirited debate. I am
running to work on behalf of the people and not for my own self
interests and I stand for Public service not Self Service.

My platform will embrace the tenets of being a fighter for Social and
Economic Justice and I will be a tireless advocate for a Women’s Right
to Choose on the issue of Women’s Reproductive Rights and Freedoms.

If elected, I will create my own citizens advisory board of citizen volunteers
on different issues to empower my constituents and hear their views,
opinions and ideas.

It is time to ask our State Legislators to do Mandate Relief for the
health of Westchester County and it’s taxpayers. I hope to work in
cooperation with the rest of my fellow County Board of Legislators, if
I get elected.

I want to work with other county legislators if I get elected on
issues that matter and help the people of Westchester County.

Also I want to discuss issues revolving last year’s adopted budget by
the county, which hurt some non profits in our County.

I want to work with a coalition of legislators to help non profits get
better funding for the programs they provide. I want to be a coalition
builder, someone who will work in the best interest of our County and
it’s residents.

Also my actions will speak louder than words, for example, I pledge
to donate 10% of my salary as a County Legislator to Community Based
Organizations and Non Profits in our Community, if I get elected. I
will lead by example, I will be a leader and not a follower.

Background: Look at the Gordon Burrows Attendance Record, according to
his County Board Page.

Board Name Title Attendance

Board of Legislators D15 Legislator (Minority Whip) 93%

Legislation D15 Legislator (Minority Whip) 59%

Public Safety & Security D15 Legislator (Minority Whip) 63%

TERM 2010-11 (Public Works, Parks, Labor & Trans) D15 Legislator
(Minority Whip) 71%

Government Operations D15 Legislator (Minority Whip) 46%

For more info on the Heusler for Westchester County Legislator
Campaign, Email: or check out the Campaign

Delfim A. Heusler for Westchester County Legislator – 15th District -
Working Families Party Candidate.

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